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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Not at all when she did Turn Up The Radio and Superstar. Incredible is..well, Incredible.
  2. I remember thinking at the time that Confessions was the Bedtime Stories to American Life's Erotica - a creamier, smoother, commercial course-corrective after something that hadn't done as well and was seen as a misstep in its own time. So in my youthful naivete, even though I loved Confessions a small part of me saw it as a stepping stone to something even bigger and better. If Confessions was the Bedtime Stories, obviously the Ray Of Light was just around the corner!... right?
  3. In retrospect I wish the production went a little harder on Confessions. I prefer some of the remixes nowadays and it's a shame she didn't offer a Confessions remixed project a la Club Future Nostalgia.

    The PSB and Man With Guitar mixes of Sorry, the Junior Sanchez and extended mixes of Jump, the Paper Faces mix of Let It Will Be, the SDP Extended Vocal mix of Hung Up, the Thin White Duke mix of I Love New York.... and well, none of those horrid Get Together mixes.

    EDIT: Ok I've just played the KinkyFunk mix of Get Together for the first time in about 14 years and it kind of slaps.
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  4. There's that really excellent Confession Remixed release, though.
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  5. I loathe Hard Candy, I honestly hated it from start to finish bar 4 Minutes ddd.

    I'm just glad she didn't go with the plan to release Candy Shop as the first single!
  6. Ooooh I somehow blanked this from my memory!
  7. Madonna did Club Future Nostalgia in 1987.
    I also forgot she did a remix compilation for Confessions as well, I wish it featured a remix of Jump. This one feels more like a 12” collection specifically made for DJs to use in the club, where as You Can Dance is more of a club experience like Club Future Nostalgia.
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  8. You Can Dance still gives me goosebumps when the tracks mix into each other, as a young madonna fan i'd never heard anything like it.
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  9. Next thing you know, @Little L will be going after Beautiful Scars! I've come to really enjoy Incredible and I've always been a fan of Autotune Baby.

    Going back to Push, does anyone else hear the Like a Prayer similarities? At the time of release a lot of people were commenting on it but I still don't hear it.
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  10. The "keep on pushin', like nobody" bit is vaguely reminiscent of the melody in Like a Prayer.
  11. I guess I can hear the “every race I win, every mood I’m in” part sounding a bit like “i hear your voice” and so on.

    (i truly am sickened and feel aggressed by the official version of Beautiful Scars btw)
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  12. Well that something bigger and better happened in the shape of Hard Candy. Candy Shop was her new Drowned World... lol jk kind of

    And I will defend Incredible till I die. Its one of her greatest songs of the last years along with Get Together, God Control and Love Spent.
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  13. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Hard Candy slaps and only gets better with age. It really is another disco album at its core dressed up in beats.
  14. She wanted to call the album that as well at one point but the 50 Cent song stopped it.
  15. “Candy Shop” >>>>> “4 Minutes”

    “my sugar is raw, sticky and sweet” is so iconic while “4 Minutes” had.... fart horns.

    Anyways, the best thing about Hard Candy was that the special edition came packaged with candies.
  16. Hard Candy is really fucking good.
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  17. 4 Minutes is a great single to me. I've always loved it and it's still my favourite song on the album. I enjoy pretty much every song on Hard Candy with the exception of Incredible.
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  18. Hard Candy is trash I'm sorry!!
  19. Hard Candy is not a complete waste of time.... but it’s definitely her worst album IMHO. My heart sank when I first heard it, I’d never had such an initial dislike to a Madonna album before.

    Give It 2 Me and Beat Goes On still slap though.
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  20. Poor Hard Candy still taking a beating in 2021. It's really not that bad, there's a couple of questionable choices when Animal and Across the Sky were right there, but other than that, it's a fun album.
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