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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. I love this mix so much.
  2. I am SO EXCITED for Like A Prayer. It might sound silly but I haven't heard Express Yourself in more than three weeks which is probably the longest I've gone without that song since I became a fan in 2004 (or maybe the period post-Hard Candy when I just didn't want to hear her). Till Death Do Us Part (ugh @ "you're not in love with someone else / you don't even love yourself") Promise To Try (double ugh @ "does she hear my voice in the night when I call / wipe away all your tears / it's gonna be - alright").

    This experience is doing what I wanted it to do - it's placing everything in context of the bigger picture. I've spent three weeks on what's been largely highly accomplished dance pop. Like A Prayer is going to be such an earthquake after all of that, and it helps me appreciate the earthquake it must have been back in 1989.
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  3. I think the lyrics on Madonna's latest were largely quite good, but imagine if we got Like A Prayer-level lyrics for her next project. Like A Prayer album=her best set of words after Erotica.
  4. Where’s The Party is a Classic.
    La Isla Bonita is a Classic.
    The Look of Love is GORGEOUS.
    Can’t Stop has one of her best bridge ever.
    You Con Dance is perfection.
    Basically, you can’t really touch 80s Madonna.
  5. 80s Madonna is honestly the period I come back to the least. The 80s era is undoubtedly her finest collection of singles and probably the finest collection singles in all of pop BUT with the exception of Like A Prayer, I find the albums to be very patchy. They're so singles-dominant.
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  6. I'm definitely a whore for 90s Madonna (specifically 1998-2004, which is in itself a whole chapter of her discography as I've said before) more than any other era of her career but the debut, True Blue's singles run and Like A Prayer? Unclockable.
  7. Oh my god, that video could have been filmed at my house yesterday! Every single dance move in my repertoire is present...

    Like A Virgin into True Blue into Who’s That Girl into You Can Dance into Like A Prayer was an absolute joy. I don’t have a cynical bone in my body when it comes to that era.

    Who’s That Girl was the first film I saw at the cinema on my own. I can’t even put into words how exciting 90 minutes of Madonna walking around, talking (albeit in the wrong accent) and wearing different clothes was back then. It was unprecedented.

    The Look of Love is one of Madonna’s most underrated ballads. Sonically it’s like a sequel to Live To Tell.
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  8. Pop at it's best.
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  9. Like A Virgin is a really weird album for me. As a sophomore album, it did everything it needed to do and then some. It gave her two legit pop standards (and Dress You Up, which is secretly better than both of them), it expanded her repertoire of genres, it expanded her topical range, it showed off her vocals, and it brought the visuals to the next level. Yet it's not a particularly strong listen. Few albums create that kind of conflict for me.
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  10. Like a Virgin might not be her strongest release but it's definitely one of her most important. Honestly, while you can definitely tell which songs are singles and which are fillers, I still enjoy everything.
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  11. I like Material Girl more than most around here it would seem but you didn’t lie. I’m still disappointed it (and Angel) got cut from The Immaculate Collection
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  12. Yeah. It actually might be her single most important. It pretty much created Madonna the Superstar.

    It also has one of my favorite covers. It's incredibly sexy.
  13. Me too. I understand why they made the cuts they did on the whole, but Dress You Up really did deserve a place.
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  14. I get this. On the whole it's not exactly a *great* album. If you dropped the three weakest songs and added in Crazy For You and Into The Groove, you might have a different story. What it does have is incredible confidence. It knows it's going to be a blockbuster and that energy infuses the whole thing. That electricity (plus the fact that it actually happened) lifts it up.
  15. The way Like a Virgin would be bulletproof if they removed "Shoo Bee Doo" and replaced it with "Into The Groove" (in the US) and "Crazy For You". I always have this idea in my head that it's not a very good album, but it really is "Shoo Bee Doo" that drags it down by a lot. It's that bad.
  16. Her run from from everybody to the Immaculate Collection is the best run of any popstar ever. The world conquering bops, the lewks, the artistic progression, the stranglehold on pop culture. Her Erotica-American Life run is more interesting artistically but she literally wrote the book on how to navigate a popstar career in the 80s.
  17. Angel never got the justice it deserved. No video, the performance being cut from The Virgin Tour release, not being included on The Immaculate Collection or even The Holiday Collection.
  18. The Look Of Love aka My Madonna 11 (and first 11 eliminated from the Rate) is just sublime, even if it sounds a bit messy but well it's also 34 years old from a soundtrack. "Like a train you'd come \ And I lose my place \ Now I'm on this trip \ I Took a fall from grace" with "I've had a map laid out from the day I was born \ But the roads are blocked and the paper is worn". It's truly devastating and how Love can hit you out of nowhere and absolutely knock you and all of your senses and choices. It's one of my favorite songs of all time and a remaster could do wonders.
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  19. Surprised they didn't make a live video or a random video for "I Don't Search, I Find" using the spy sessions with the trenchcoat. It's definitely one of my favorite Madame X looks.

    Played Frozen today and I cannot imagine hearing this as the lead single for "Ray of Light." Still one of my favorites, the remixes, the video, the remix videos, the live performances. Her mind.
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  20. Not here for Shoo-Be-Doo shade.
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