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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Same! Bring it on.
  2. It’s so clear.
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  3. Always one of my favorites. Ugh, what an icon.
  4. Ugh YES. Pop off wig the house down
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  5. It looks great - those orange eyebrows are really popping in HD.
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  6. MY GOD
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  7. I'm so happy her legacy is finally getting the treatment it deserves, I never thought it'd happen.
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  8. Same, it's totally about time as well.
  9. The couple of HD remasters I’ve seen have been really impressive. Good for her!
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  10. I remember buying Memoirs of a Geisha from Heathrow after M suggested it and reading it on the flight back home and feeling so cosmopolitan and cultured dd. Queen fed us in many ways.
  11. Queens that read are the best! I also read Captain Corelli’s Mandolin based on M’s recommendation. 2 or 3 attempts (and as many years) later I finally finished it in Lesvos on September 11th.
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  12. Oh I totally read that too because of her, again the english book. Such an M nerd!
    Remember when M said she liked peeing in the shower.
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  13. The editing is out of this world. I always loved this video and now it looks even better. A truly underrated gem which definitely deserved a place on the Celebration DVD.
  14. These HD videos even thou some may not be perfection are so great as they are introducing an entire new generation that is used to only watching looks so crisp. I can't wait til we get Express Yourself in HD tbh...
  15. Does anyone wanna take a crack at explaining this video?
  16. I would die if we got Express Yourself in this kind of definition.
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  17. The Freedom '90 upgrade to HD a few months back was revelatory. If we could get that kind of treatment for all of David Fincher's videos with Madonna, I mean
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  18. I believe they actually scanned the original film, but I would be surprised if they did that for Madonna after seeing how "Material Girl" ended up.
  19. Are we ready to have the conversation about how the album and single covers should have been switched?
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