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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. No
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  2. Oh, too soon. Sorry.
  3. Not a chance.
  4. All artworks (album, 7", 12") of Like A Prayer were great.
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  5. I agree. I always thought that the 7” is so amazing that it should have been the album cover.
  6. Wasn't this because she thought it prevented athlete's foot or something ddd
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  7. I was not an athlete but I had foot.
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  8. I think the album cover for Like.a Prayer is perfect as is because it's very clearly trying to be the female counterpart to Sticky Fingers, which ties into the theme of pop art and 70s nostalgia that was used in the marketing. I mean, Madonna praying in the middle of a cemetery is cute but it's not this

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  9. I just wish they’d remove “a digital recording” nn.
  10. The sacrilegious blend of sex and religion. Peak M!
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  11. I remember seeing the cover for the first time and the denim took me straight to these iconic pics from the AIDS Danceathon that took place month or so earlier:



  12. I'm still very interested in what the original shoot was supposed to be. People have said that she was meant to wear this design, but I can't find the source anymore

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  13. True, but the single actually looks even more like a 70s album cover which is one of the reasons I love it so much.

    I’m in the minority here - its probably due to owning the album on cassette at first!
  14. Hi Hatsumomo!

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  15. Both covers are amazing..thou I do remember as kid thinking whats up with this cassette design...
  16. This would mean a lot of $$$ for Madonna's team:

    They shouldn't even think about remastering her classic videos in HD unless they can get their hands on the original camera negatives and create new 4K masters - her videography deserves nothing less.
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  17. Meanwhile here in Germany ...

  18. I know one cover was mocked up by Jeri Heiden that featured the photo from the Cherish cover. I’ve got it somewhere on my laptop in very low-res, I’ll upload it when I find it.
  19. All this talk about the digital EPs and the current flow of HD remasters... FINALLY. I'm so excited to have everything up! I hope Drowned World and Goodbye follow suit.
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  20. The beauty.
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