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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Okay now Radio 2 are playing This Used To Be My Playground and now I’m on a Madonna ballads kick, Something to Remember it is then.
  2. I used not be too hot for Playground but in like, the last year I've grown to adore it. It's gorgeous. The melodies, the backing vocals, the barren production with those string and synth flourishes mmm.
  3. Wasn’t Madonna famous for being the first female American pop star to really dominate Europe?
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  4. Her and Tina pretty much.
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  5. Perfect chillout album.
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  6. I love these guys's a shame they never performed this live together...
  7. I love their reactions too!
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  8. I love this channel so much
  9. Having a moment with Back That Up To The Beat. I love it with all its basicness. That moment at around the 2 and a half minute mark with the "DROP" and sudden thump...magic.

  10. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    I'm going to provide us all with an infodump of some singles and albums that are undercertified to just show how woefully neglected Madonna's stats are in America. My only hope is for the next album / movie Guy finally gets off his ass and takes care of this. Collected from various sites and estimations.

    Immaculate - 11xP
    Like A virgin - 11xP
    True Blue - 8xP
    Like A Prayer - 5xP
    COADF - 2xP
    Hard Candy - 1xP
    Rebel Heart - Gold (maybe)


    Holiday Gold or 1xP
    Borderline 1xP
    Lucky Star Gold or 1xP
    Like A Virgin 3xP
    Material Girl 1xP
    Crazy For You 1xP
    Angel Gold?
    Into The Groove Gold
    Dress You Up Gold or 1xP
    Live To Tell Gold or 1xP
    Papa Don't Preach 1xP
    True Blue 1xP
    Open Your Heart 1xP
    La Isla Bonita 3xP
    Who's That Girl Gold?
    Causing A Commotion Gold?
    Like A Prayer 3xp
    Express Yourself 1xP
    Cherish Gold?


    Vogue 3xp
    Erotica 1xP
    Deeper And Deeper Gold
    Secret 1xP
    Take A Bow 1xP
    Frozen 1xP
    Ray of Light 1xP
    Beautiful Stranger Gold


    Music 2xP
    Don't Tell Me 1xP
    Die Another Day Gold?
    Hung Up 2xP
    Sorry Gold
    4 Minutes 3xP
    Give It To Me Gold
    B*tch, I'm Madonna Gold

  11. Yes! My absolute favourite is “Rescue Me”, that mix + dance floor = heaven

  12. This is epic.
  13. Fans:
    - Madonna's been hanging out with The Weeknd manager, duet!!!1

  14. Interesting backstory for one of my favorite shoots

  15. She snapped.
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  16. “B***h” is sending me.
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