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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. She snapped.
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  2. “B***h” is sending me.
  3. Rebel Heart era disowned
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  4. "Of course your name is Karen."
  5. Holy shit.
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  6. That's my Mum.
    (Madge, not Karen. My actual Mum is called Helen and is awesome too)
  7. It’s been a minute since she’s popped off in her comments. Iconic.
  8. Just when I thought I couldn't love her even more, she goes that extra mile !
  9. That's Lola's mother, alright!
  10. Bitch I’m Madonna (Of Course Your Name Is Karen remix) incoming.
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  11. On one hand, there's something unsettling and un-Madonna like to me about engaging with no profile pic trolls.

    On the other, "of course your name is Karen" sent me to the CLOUDS.
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  12. Bish, she’s Madonna.
  13. A LOOK.

    I also love that the infamous Angle seems to have returned
  14. Radical pic!

    Love this.
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  15. The biopic should be named "The curious case of Madonna Ciccone"
  16. Champagne Rose EP... NOW

    ... Would take it with those visuals even if it was just I'm So Stupid re-recording/2021 mix along with it.
    Serve us Queen!
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  17. The fourth photo is out of control nn. Love her.
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