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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Album cover material!
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  2. The straight hair has been an absolute serve for her and her photos have been getting so much nicer recently. Madame X is an IG thot.
  3. Yeah it's giving me album art for sure. I want this album.
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  4. It’s a lot to ask but I would love new material soon. I hope the rumours are true.
  5. Me too. Nothing like a new Madonna album.
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  6. Stunning (also I want those boots nn)
  7. What rumors?
  8. There were rumors she was working on a new album, but it wasn’t supposed to come out anytime soon. It was supposed to coincide with the release of her biopic.
  9. It was so strange watching her latest IGTV and seeing her looking so vibrant and youthful and then seeing Guy O'Seary get out of his Maybach looking much older than I remembered him - think it's the grey hair ?

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  10. She looks amazing in the video but Gomez retouches in the pictures are most of the time a nightmare.
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  11. Are they really retouches? They feel like Instagram filters she uses as a kii.
  12. They are, you clearly see when she uses Instagram filters (remember the first pink hair picture?).
  13. I can’t believe any rumours about a new album. Between the pandemic, the screenplay, the never ending post production of Madame X and tidbits of her life on IG, I don’t see where she would have the time to fit in recording a new album. I think we’re quite a while off from getting any new Madonna
  14. I don't know, all of this stuff she's posting on her Instagram only seems to be happening in the night, so she might be doing something in the day I suppose, and the screenplay is finished.
  15. RJF


    She has the skin of a seven year old. Young!

  16. FUCK
    It's the 20th anniversary tomorrow, glad they made it!
  17. ooooh wasn't expecting this one!
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  18. OH MY GOD!!!......and the promo-only Paul Oakenfold Saturday mix is on there!!!
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  19. The only thing to bitch about (I know...) is the fact that they didn't put the actual video edit on there. 'Tis a shame, since it is already available in deliciously high quality, without the video effects, it really could've been a cherry on top.
  20. Forgot about Lo Que Sente La Mohair!
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