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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. The only thing to bitch about (I know...) is the fact that they didn't put the actual video edit on there. 'Tis a shame, since it is already available in deliciously high quality, without the video effects, it really could've been a cherry on top.
  2. Forgot about Lo Que Sente La Mohair!
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  3. This also makes the aborted "GHV2 Remixed" compilation totally obsolete, since there are no more exclusive tracks on it. Only gorgeous artwork and all that...
  4. No obsolete at all If you are a collector!
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  5. YAS
    Talk about underrated singles!
    A damn bold move at the time of release.

    And when Guy Ritchie hit the nail, he did in this case with the video.
  6. Well, I suppose its 200 dollar price tag has to be upheld somehow! "It's a collectors item!"
  7. I wonder what a video for the original version could have looked like even I do like Madonna's aggressive phase.
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  8. I'm glad that they're being so comprehensive, didn't know about the Saturday mix.
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  9. Lo Que Siente La Mujer is one of her best and most sophisticated, introspective compositions in general. I'd even go as far as to call it possibly her best nod to Spanish language? ... (ok there is also Verás....)

    Loved the tour performance as well.
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  11. Having a moment with Inside of Me today.

    Lush, sensual melancholy, with the airy daydream vibe just hinting at the sadness within. Love it!

  12. ......also the Drowned World Tour mix....damn there are so many top tier remixes of this track!
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  13. The Pompougnac mix is a bit mediocre.
  14. That's irrelevant to people saying it's missing.
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  15. Yeah, but I feel like it wasn't ordered or paid for by the label, so there's really no incentive for them to have it in their archives or care for it. Appears to be almost bootlegish, done without stems etc.
  16. YAS but what happened to Fever?
  17. The Pompougnac version of What It Feels Like is official as far as I know (it at least uses the vocal stems), but I believe it was done specifically for the Hotel Costes series a couple of years after the single release which would explain why it’s not on the EP.

    Frankly I’m surprised they didn’t add the Thunderpuss remixes, considering it’s been twenty years since the whole file-sharing controversy - Warner’s reason for rejecting them just looks silly now. There are a few Manny Lehman mixes in the vault too.
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  18. I'm a big big Hotel Costes / Stephane Pompougnac hun (I used to do his fliers when he played here kii) so I definitely am bias, but it would've been cute to have it included same as the Thunderpuss ones.

    What was the drama @Andy French?

    Scream at the suggestion a bootleg Madonna remix wouldve been on a CD back then sold around the world @Future Lover - M probably agreed to have it there in return for a few suites and a cocktail or two.
  19. Barry Harris has mentioned in interviews over the years that apparently a fanmade remix was uploaded onto Napster with Thunderpuss’ name attached, Warner saw it and lost their shit as major labels in those days did with Napster, and rejected them because of that.

    It’s a shame the label didn’t actually like...bother to clarify the situation, because the mixes themselves are great - and have since leaked in full high quality anyway, but it would’ve been nice to see them get some kind of official release.
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