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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. I hope one of these days we get to hear Groove Armada's remix of Don't Tell Me, their mix of Music is outstanding!
  2. Yes for What It Feels Like For a Girl. More dance bangers to add to the "Dance Your Cone Tits Off" playlist.
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  3. Superb news, the Above & Beyond will sound so great on some playlists.
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  4. When people say "I wanna go back to the 80's", they're thinking they'll end up here:

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  5. Why did I have to re-read this several times before it clicked that you had not, in fact, administered rejuvenative fillers to enhance Pompougnac's visage?
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  6. Oh geez I just became aware of the photoshop controversy all based on a TikTok about an Instagram post from 2015 where her head was imposed on another body. There were actual articles in legit news sources about this a few weeks ago. People are still swarming the IG post with new comments today. We live in the dumbest of times. As if Madonna was trying to pretend that was her body. The photo was so obviously edited, what with the head taken from her Met Gala appearance and the creator's name watermarked to the right of her head. But people would rather believe that Madonna was trying to pass it off as her own body.

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  7. Just clickbate, sensationalist garbage
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  8. Demoitis? I don't know her, but

  9. Madame X is a troll

    (I'm howling)
  10. That Kid Chris Caligula mix is fire!
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  11. Have there been more Madonna remixes added on streaming then? Can't find anything.
  12. I didn't realise The Corny Collins Show was still going!
  13. LTG


    What It Feels Like For A Girl, added today. Showing as her latest release on Spotify.
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  14. Thanks, shall check again!
  15. Getting my life to this reminiscing of clubbing days gone by.

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  16. That Above and Beyond remix makes me so fucking emotional. Those riding beats and yugular delivery by Madonna are to die for. I have danced and cried to it several times through the years.
  17. I'll never forget the elation I felt hearing the Above And Beyond remix playing in the local provincial seaside nightclub we went to on my sister's 18th birthday back in the day.
  18. You know what's so fucking awesome about The Queen? She somehow manages to be the 4th best selling artist of all time while being the popstar of outcasts and the downtrodden. Pop often makes me feel fucking ill with its focus on the "ideal life" that many people can't attain. But Madonna by and large keeps it fucking real.

    She is so fucking inspiring.
  19. HD video is now up

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