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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. You know what's so fucking awesome about The Queen? She somehow manages to be the 4th best selling artist of all time while being the popstar of outcasts and the downtrodden. Pop often makes me feel fucking ill with its focus on the "ideal life" that many people can't attain. But Madonna by and large keeps it fucking real.

    She is so fucking inspiring.
  2. HD video is now up

  3. I hate that remix but the video is great. It's so bold and unique.
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  4. The original version of “What It Feels Like For A Girl” is so underrated.
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  5. Yes! That instrumental is lush and elegant. It enhances the wisdom of the lyrics.
  6. Another great HD remaster - looks like they had a great source for this one. Video has never looked better.
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  7. One of her all time best.
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  8. I am SCREAMING oh my god. The picture! Hjelp
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  9. love that all these old maxi singles are slowly going up on streaming. someone told me Nothing Really Matters is next week?

    all the WIFLFAG remixes are such a nostalgia hug in my heart.
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  10. My favorite thing about the Instagram “photoshop” pseudo-controversy was that every article I saw about it contained some variation of the following:
    Just...the matter-of-fact phrasing coupled with the caption itself takes me out.
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  11. Probably doesn't mean anything but has this always been the thumbnail?
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  12. I know they are a Madonna impersonator but all I see is a mix of Meghan Trainor and Ashley Roberts.
  13. I think they changed all the thumbnails a few weeks ago, and for some reason changed the titles to square brackets.
  14. The album version of What It Feels Like for a Girl is THE version. Never liked the video remix.
  15. They're so radically different as to be completely discrete tracks. I love both for entirely different reasons. The album cut is more a song, whereas the video mix is more a vibe.
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  16. This rejected Sia demo from the Kiss Me Once sessions leaked today - yes, it's a mess, but it's also iconic - my ears deceive me or is the instrumental basically an early version of Veni Vidi Vici? I wouldn't be surprised if Diplo repurposed it (and ultimately it's for the best because Veni Vidi Vici is clearly a better song), but I don't think I recall his name being attached to the Kylie project at any point. Although if my memory is right, Sia was working with him a lot around 2013/14 so the timeline lines up. Truly a small world.
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  17. What’s great about the Above & Beyond remix of What It Feels Like for a Girl is that it actually retains a lot that contemplative stillness that defines the album version, even as it sends you flying through the sky.

    These remix drops have really been feeding me. Deeper and Deeper or Nothing Really Matters next please.
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  18. I think so too to be honest. Just has something ultra special about it.
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