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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. A soon as I saw the video premiere on E News I loved it...and seeing her perform it live (hadn't seen her live since the Girlie Show) made me love it more.
  2. I still find Girl Gone Wild completely fascinating. On one hand, it's so cold, soulless & detached - it really feels like Madonna doing a parody of 2011/12 pop music. On the other... it fucking bops.

  3. This will forever be one of my favorite interviews. How she went from this hoarseness to absolutely tearing the roof off the recording studio with Rescue Me is fascinating enough, but it really exemplifies why Kurt Loder is arguably the best person that's ever interviewed her - his questions show that he legitimately followed and studied her work, and it allows M the opportunity to expound on what he asks her brilliantly. You can tell how comfortable she is with that, too; their rapport is just unbeatable.

    Also, this bit about the Like A Prayer video (which I've somehow missed every other time I've watched the interview) made me snort and is something I could easily see her saying now:
  4. Kurt Loder was an incredible interviewer. I love the idea of him creating a rapport like that with her over several years.
  5. Loved their interviews together...also loved her interviews with Molly Meldrum.
  6. Name a cooler pop star at Number 1. This is just effortless.

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  7. Molly has interviewed Madonna so many times.

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  8. So good and these ones I also loved....from 86 and 89.

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  9. Her Erotica interview with Jonathan Ross should be in a museum. She’s so badass yet subtle and has him quaking.
  10. What the hell happened to Kurt Loder ?

    He was an amazing interviewer, John Norris was pretty good too. Both gay men who obviously loved her work, loved her and did their homework - whilst asking genuinely intelligent questions.
  11. I don't get all the fuss about Hey You, it's a song nobody remembers and hardly a single.
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  12. He works in radio now, he said he was going to try to do an interview with her after the Glaad Awards back in 2019 but sadly that never happened.
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  13. Girl Gone Wild remains an unashamed big bop and the only feasible reason for not liking it must be the tanqueray.

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  14. I couldn't even hum the song.
    And my iPhone is full of Madonna songs!
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  15. I can actually can but to me it doesn’t exist!
  16. This needs to be reported to Trades Standards! There is nothing from the Who's That Girl era on The Immaculate Collection, yet a pic from that era is on that poster.
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  17. I love how they made sure nobody was conned re which songs appeared on the VHS but had no issue with the Who's That Girl pic being a bit misleading.
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  18. This post just made me ache for 90s era MTV. The content was so good. Like what's comparable nowadays? Z*ne L*we for Apple Music? Boot.

    I also had no idea they were both gay nn.
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  19. I don't think either of them ever publicly disclosed their sexuality nn
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  20. I can't believe in all the discussion of her worst singles no-one has mentioned One More Chance.
    Is it just so forgettable that ya'll forgot it exists?

    My top 5 would be...
    Hey You
    One More Chance
    Turn Up The Radio
    Another Suitcase In Another Hall
    Dear Jessie
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