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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. I'm not here for any Spotlight shade.
  2. Yeah, sorry - it’s just not very good
  3. Is there a reason why the “Something to Remember” / Soulpower/video remix of “Love Don’t Live Here Anymore” isn’t on streaming? I may be in the minority here but I always loved that song/version.
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  4. Only the same reason most of her remixes and singles aren't on streaming - they just haven't arrived yet.
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  5. Love Profusion is a lovely album track but shouldn't have been a single. Hey You's only redeeming quality is that most people don't know it exists. I don't think I played it more than once.

    Girl Gone Wild is just dreadful on every possible level. Production that sounds like a demo recorded in a garden shed, semi-comatose vocals, awful lyrics even for late period Madonna (which is saying a lot)...I was never the biggest fan of Give Me All Your Luvin' but I still had high hopes for the album because, well, it’s Madonna. This turd of an opener killed those hopes stone dead, and while the album - standard edition, anyway - never matches that low again, it never really recovers either.
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  6. Love Don’t Love Here Anymore remixes were due to be uploaded to streaming either this month or last month a long with Fever, but it looks like it was replaced with Like a Prayer and Bedtime Stories, hopefully it’s coming soon.
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  7. I wish Intervention had been released as a single over Love Profusion.
  8. Love Profusion is interesting... wasn't it labeled a damage control single at the time?
    The only bad thing about is is the dress in the otherworldly green screen video (which I love, in total) and the connection to her awful thankfully short-lived children's book phase. (probably why it became a single... other than being one of the very few commercially appealing songs of the album - what else could have been released??). Oh and it served a video, at least, where Nothing Fails... failed, unfortunately.

    Edit. - OK, Intervention is fucking great tbh.

    This is amazing. Been loving it for quite a while / years. Can anyone recommend other great remixes?

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  9. I am such a Love Profusion detractor, I feel like the only saving grace of it are the remixes. That Mirwais-doing-Orbit production is such a sore thumb in the album track list.
    Also, “And I know I can feel bad, when I get in a bad mood” is one of the clunkiest lyrics in her career.
    No wonder it was never performed live.
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  10. I was in Kuala Lumpur when the Estée Lauder advert came out and Love Profusion was playing in every single shopping mall ALL the time.
  11. Wasn't Love Profusion tied to a perfume ad or something and that's why it got released? I seem to remember that.
  12. Think that was the case, yes. Always have loved the song though and sound great still today.
  13. Love Profusion is my least fave off American Life (well, tied with I'm So Stupid) and it got that awful CGI video to top it all off. I'll forever be pressed that Nothing Fails didn't get a video.
  14. Love Profusion is one of my absolute favourite Madonna songs..........seriously don't get the hate. The vocals and production are flawless, it's like a recreation of Mirwais' Naïve Song. Hated the video at the time but now have sort of soft spot for it now.
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  15. Oh an Love Profusion is the predecessor of Get Together if we don't count Kylie's Love At First Sight and reduce it to her own career, which is everyone rightfully loves, so
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  17. 'Love Profusion' is one of her best 00's singles. Stunning.
  18. Wow, it's the exact same cgi. No wonder it looks like a perfume ad, it literally was one.
  19. The ad paid for the Love Profusion video CGI hens.
  20. It definitely was and Sunday Girl's light airy voice is a lot more suited to it. It's not that good even in this form though.
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