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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. A little late to discussion about what her worst singles are, but this comment pretty much describes GGW, it's really an odd track, part of it sounds borderline parodic and lazy, and not like a Madonna track (it gives me sorta "Revolver" vibes in how out of catalog it feels and more as if Madonna just layed her vocals on some random demo at the time), yet it's a solafide undeniable bop and one of the few tracks I go back to from the album, perfect track for parties.

    As for bad Madonna singles, there aren't many of them luckily, but the MDNA project was kinda a lazy mess and includes two of her worst singles (and among her worst songs) to date: "Give Me All Your Luvin" and "Turn Up the Radio", as for the former it was such a miss, featuring M.I.A. I would have expected something completely different and more forward-thinking than a reductive take on Toni Basil's "Mickey"...

    I am also not a big fan of "Jump", but don't mind it so much as it was the fourth single of COADF, but would have preferred "Like it or Not" tbh.

    "Love Profusion" also feels like an odd choice, it's a bit generic and filler-ish even on the album, not a bad song per se but single material? I love the "American Life" album (one of her best albums to date imho), but the album imagery of the album and single choices actually were misleading, the album is much warmer than what it comes across and holding on a track like "Nothing Fails" which could have been a big moment for her was a mistake tbh, I know it eventually became a single but then the project was already considered a commercial failure and it didn't get the proper single treatment it should have.
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  2. I think "GAYLUV" is much, much better than "Girl Gone Wild" or "Turn Up the Radio", and consider it one of the best tracks on MDNA. It's genuinely catchy with its surf guitar underpinnings, and the production and vocal mixing aren't as watery as the rest of the album.
  3. where
  4. I think all the mentioned tracks are catchy, but most of the songs from that era were so poorly executed that it doesn’t really matter. The Super Bowl single at least doesn’t fall into that awful mixing category.
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  5. I'm pretty happy with the singles from American Life - Love Profusion is an obvious commercial choice (I mean it was used in a commercial) and Nothing Fails was the only single that got shafted so to speak in terms of promo but would that rumoured David Fincher directed video really have made the difference re: it's chart placing ? Probably not but it would have been gorgeous.
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  6. Well, it is sexy and can be interpreted as such.

    And since we’re on this topic, Gang Bang was the best track on MDNA.
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  7. Yup.
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  8. The Die Another Day/Beautiful Killer mashup from the Olympia show was incredible and I’ll never understand why it wasn’t part of the tour as a whole.
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  9. That Shirley cover just shows how literally no one can improve on a Madonna song.
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  10. This bit:




    Catchy x
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  11. Beautiful Killer is hollow.
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  12. I wonder if it was replaced by “Revolver” or retooled for that one off, since they both have the same routine.
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  13. No❤️
  14. I mean, I totally get why people love it. It's one of the best songs melodically and has more Madonna feeling than a lot of shit on MDNA. But IDK, she just sounds bored on it, like she's phoning it in, and a result, it seems more throwaway than it should based on most of its qualities.
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  15. I still think the guitar loop in Beautiful Killer sounds like it could have been sampled from Don’t Speak, but apparently it’s not.
  16. If I remember correctly, there were some setlist reports before the tour started that had the mashup included.
  17. The lost iconic classic.
  18. Beautiful Killer is actually my favorite song on the album, and one of her best from her last 3 albums.
  19. Justice for 'Some Girls'.

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  20. Well, considering that's exactly what she did, other than changing one line for a writing credit...
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