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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. It’s a shame they’ve never really capitalised on the anniversaries of The Immaculate Collection. They could at least remaster the cover on streaming services.
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  2. It needs a good remaster all round, still, the classics still shine through naturally all the same.
  3. My only criticisms of IC is the dance remix of Like a Prayer (good but nowhere as essential as the original version) and fading out before the "NOW I KNOW YOU'RE MINEEEE!!!" line in you-know-what.

    And I think leaving out Who's That Girl? was the right choice. It's great but too similar to La Isla Bonita and LIB >>> WTG, no matter what the charts said.
  4. I remember the first time I visited London back in 1987, Who's That Girl? was the number one song. Such happy times.
  5. I'd just left school and had a job and it reminds me of that summer and being free from the cage of education.
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  6. Going back to the "Oldfrapp" story, the list of female artists who have shaded her is basically endless at this point. Just off the top of my head (I'm paraphrasing so I may be getting the specific words wrong):

    Mariah: I haven't paid attention to her since I was in 7th grade when she used to be popular.
    Janet: (comparing herself to M): How do I say this? What I do has class to it.
    Whitney: I know I'm not trying to do what Madonna's doing.
    Christina: (on whether she would work with M) Maybe like ten years ago.
    Joni: She's a terrible role model.
    Joanna Newsom: She's a dumbass.
    Jennifer: When I see her act, I think don't spit on my craft!
    Cher: I went to her house for a party, and she was acting like a c*nt to everyone. She could afford to be more magnanimous.
    Sinead: All she has to offer is tits and ass.

    On and on and on...
  7. The editing of the 'Now I know you're mine!'s was a DISGRACE. Sticking in that piano break and cutting that?! THE BEST PART OF THE SONG!!!! idon'tknowhergif.
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  8. I’d defend Cher. Even Madonna will agree in her more magnanimous moments...

    Madonna is many things, but she’s not (and probably doesn’t want to be) conventionally nice.
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  9. The JLo diss remains such a kiii.
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  10. You know you that bitch when you cause all this conversation.
  11. Who's That Girl remains M Top 5 all these years despite they tried to kill it.
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  12. I really need Madonna to remember that Physical Attraction exists.
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  13. I just looked this up and...damn sis. That’s disappointing - but not surprising, for some reason.

    EDIT: apparently she “clarified” her statements, and...uh...didn’t actually help her case much.
    I love her music but some of these takes ain’t it! It’s been over a decade since she said any of this though so who knows, maybe she changed her mind at some point
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  14. Joanna, Pitchfork won't shag you mate.
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  15. Yes please.
  16. Janet's "they shipped it but it got shipped back" remains the most hilarious shade ever. Also, Madonna is not some innocent angel that got unfairly attacked, she has had some choice words for her peers herself over the years. It's all part of the game, I suppose.
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  17. Honestly, yeah - the Cher, Janet, Mariah and Whitney comments are pretty funny. M gave as good as she got anyway (sometimes too much nn).

    I’m glad they all seem to have made up with her in some way or another too. The video of Whitney getting her life to the 2012 Super Bowl performance is amazing
  18. Regardless of Cher’s shade towards Madonna I like to think they’re friends who get each other.
    Reading Christopher’s book it was interesting to read how often Cher and Madonna would be around each other at events and parties.
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  19. From what I’ve seen, I think Cher was the one whose comments about Madonna were pretty on point. I agree that she’s not conventionally kind but has used the talent she has to become one of the most creative legends of all time.
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  20. Random question, but does anyone know the story behind Pray For Spanish Eyes being retitled Spanish Eyes?
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