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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Too much praying.
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  2. Honestly, none of these are as bad as some of the stuff she said about them first dd. She threw the first shots at Mariah, and said really awful things about Sinead on top of mocking her on SNL by acting offended when Sinead ripped up the image of the pope. We've seen the things she's said about people like Sharon Stone and Whitney Houston as well; her lowkey iconic read of Courtney Love. And while we don't know the specifics about why Janet disliked Madonna so much, her comments supposedly weren't entirely unprovoked either. Of course there those who will make comments for clout, but I think the list of people Madonna has thrown shade at or dragged is always going to be neck and neck with any list that is the opposite.
  3. It was a different time and there was a lot of 'baiting' of female celebrities, pitting them against each other. Women are smart enough to support each other more rather than play up to some bullshit straight boy created bitch fest.
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  4. What did she say about Sharon Stone? Also, I don't remember her shading Janet...Janet clearly had her own insecurities and coming for Whitney...I don't think saying 'Is that damn Bodyguard soundtrack still number one' as a diss, infact I don't remember her shading anyone first apart from Courtney and even then it's cause Courtney was out of her mind...also Madonna's shade is always with a bit of humor and fun not really mean like Elton and Janet I disagree about the neck and neck shade.
  5. Madonna never said shit about Janet, aside from the “look” during Truth Or Dare Rythm Nation coat monent.
    I believe Janet thought (like Michael did) that she said bad things about Michael to the press, and that never happened.
    She even said during the making of Take A Bow special that she never met her and didn’t have a clue why she said those things.
    With Whitney they had actually a respect for each other, the “If my kid was like Madonna I would killer her” quote from Whitney was also fake.

    Also I remember Sinead saying she was looking to see the Vogue Mtv Performance during the pre-show, and the SNL joke wasn’t mean or anything.
    Alison in the end said she helped them since she was taking about Goldfrapp and she was photographed with the Supernature cd.
    The only nasty thing Madonna said was about Mariah, but they’re fine now (she even said she loved Touch My Body and Mariah talked Well about her during a 2006 Grammy Interview). Janet also is fine with her now. So all is good.
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  6. I don’t remember what she said about Sharon but it was in a private letter from 92/93 I believe that leaked a few years ago, and Sharon was very nice about it.
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  7. I'm not speaking about just publicly. We don't know what went on behind closed doors, but I mentioned it regardless because it has been noted that there was bad blood there, whether they met in person or not. And aside from the SNL "joke" Madonna is quoted as saying Sinead was about as sexy as a Venetian blind. It was clear she was trying to grasp at anything to deflect from the way the public was treating her, again, during the Erotica era by feigning shock and horror at the image of the pope being torn up. Anyway, I brought all that up because the original post seemed to be framing it as if Madonna hadn't said or done anything and was just being attacked unprovoked. Regardless if any of what I mentioned was true, it was in the press and as mentioned that's what was used to bait and pit women against each other.
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  8. Probably the whole Madonna VS Janet thing was because they were the biggest popstars at the time, Whitney too but she basically only did soindtracks in the 90s.
    I don’t remember the Sinead quote, it sounds weird to me but hey it can be true!
    At the end of the day they are all legends!
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  9. The nerve of Joanna Newsom coming for anyone when she opens her mouth to sing and that comes out.
  10. It's so funny trying to picture this

  11. Oh my god. That would've been a disaster, but I would have accepted it if and only if, as soon as they switched bodies, Lindsay Lohan started speaking with a Midatlantic accent she couldn't account for
  12. I mean, Lindsay's been doing that since like 2013 anyways.
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  13. Oh I am well aware of the Lilohan dialect dd
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  14. Hmmm. Hehe
  15. Yeah, it's all complicated and I certainly didn't mean to imply M was an angel (baby~~~) in any of this.

    According to Jermaine Jackson's book, M made negative comments about Janet to Michael in private, which set him (and maybe Janet) off.

    As for Sinead, my quote came from the book detailing the history of MTV. Before that, Sinead had just sounded hurt when it came to M ("She keeps saying mean things about me"), but she went off in that book, gloating about how her video beat Vogue. Maybe she heard about the deleted Truth or Dare scene in which M is said to have ripped Sinead apart (according to the film's director himself).
  16. Oh I forgot one by my other favorite singer, Tori Amos (who's also said very complimentary things about M):

    I know a young singer who went up to Madonna and started telling her how much she's meant to her. And Madonna looked down and said "Those shoes are so last season." You can't let Madonnna smell blood like that.
  17. Not to perpetuate this but apparently there was also an ~incident~ between Madonna and Janet at the 1990 VMAs where they had adjoining dressing rooms and Madonna was dissing Janet while Janet could hear. I tend to believe something did happen there because I don't think Janet has ever said a bad word about anyone else in her entire career.

    But again, these are highly competitive people at the very top of their craft. There's bound to be a lot of jockeying for the top spot.
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  18. Well she is 'mystified!'

    meanwhile I love this entire interview...her asking Kurt Loder if he's in love with her male co star is funny.
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  19. Thinking about this interview today

  20. I mean...Tori didn’t lie nn. I like how often she sticks up for M though, I remember her being very complimentary about her in interviews as recently as 2014.

    (I could have sworn that quote had something to do with Lily Allen, but I guess not)
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