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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. I'm always fascinated by hearing random stories about Madonna. They just add to what a layered, complex, contradictory, fascinating person she is.

    Patti LaBelle told a story in her autobiography that Madonna rushed by her (Patti) quickly at the American Music Awards and almost knocked Patti over, without apologizing. At an event some time later, Patti called her out on that and Madonna quickly apologized.
  2. Patti must be used to that by now.
  3. She knows IT but doesn't care
    To be honest, I need her to remember the entire first album other than the singles

    OK would love an updated Everybody performance any day!!
  4. Having spent a good amount of my career working with divas, albeit the non-singing kind, I know how competitive/insecure they can get. Media-baiting is a nasty business of course, but mostly, it’s human nature. It takes a certain type to get to the top and we ain’t talking beta.
  5. I think about this at least once a month.

    Honestly amazing! The attention to detail from everyone involved. Jaida's Justify My Love is hysterical/amazing.
  6. I still think they all should have lipsynced to a prerecorded track by studio singers and Burning Up was absolutely mangled by the edit in the LSFYL
  7. “…shared a name with my mother, she died when i was five years old”
    Ru: “i love it!!”
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  8. It was mentioned in passing in the Madame X sound mixing video just posted on her IG that Madonna has had two doses of the Moderna vaccine. Long live the Queen of Pop.
  9. Most musical performers are required to be fully vaccinated or promoters won’t book a tour with them so that’s hardly surprising.
  10. I really doubt a Madonna tour is happening anytime soon though
  11. Honestly I doubt she’ll tour again, or at least not the usual 80+ dates. I can’t see her filling arenas with the usual new album cycle anymore and I can’t see her giving into a greatest hits tour either.
  12. I didn’t say she was touring right away, but it’s always good to be prepared if you do want to do one. You have to maintain tour insurance and that requires certain things like vaccinations.
    But I can’t see her giving up touring. Many artists older than her still tour.
    And it’s not just touring, there are all kinds of in person events Madonna and most celebrities want to or have to be involved in that require vaccinations.
  13. This is one of the best ever challenges on Drag Race, in that it was so respectful and well executed that it made me kind of emotional? I know I'm that kind of Madonna stan, but beyond a shady noise or two on Jackie, the editors by and large let it play out to make them all look good. A tribute.
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  15. Oh my god, RIP
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  16. RIP Legend
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  17. Well I don’t think she did it just for work, I mean everybody should do it!
  18. He was SO GORGEOUS. Very sad.
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  19. She's aged over 60 who were a priority group for vaccinations.
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