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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. There will never be another Madonna....EVER!
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  2. Well it’s nice to hear that she’s thinking about new music again, or at least that’s what I hope she means by “new art”.
  3. Fingers crossed!
  4. Wink smiley
  5. Are there any updates you can give us? I can’t wait to hear new music from her.
  6. It's a collab with her boyfriend, isn't it?
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  7. Well obviously, and it doesn't require to be an "insider" (like people use to call it) to guess her plans have been a bit delayed due to the shooting of additionnal stuff for the Madame X video release, and also because the other producer who would rework the Leonard demos had to face a very dark and difficult time on his personnal life (but i'm not gonna go into details). So it was a 50/50 situation and both of them agreed to delay the project. But don't worry nothing is cancelled, new music is gonna happen so relax and enjoy spring !
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  8. No. Then again i can't claim there won't be an ad lib or a rap part from Malik added later in the mix on one or two tracks but as a whole it's new Madonna music !
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  9. Intriguing, thanks for the tippets!
  10. that's good news.
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  11. *Hyperventilates*
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  12. A 30 year celebratory write-up from the Guardian for In Bed With Madonna/Truth Or Dare.

    Article Link
  13. *cries because they're not doing a 30th anniversary director's cut*
  14. The Vulture piece said they shot 200 hours of backstage footage and 50 hours of concert footage. Where is all that material? Surely they could scrape a special edition together?
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  15. I'd love an extended Crazy For You
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  16. Alek said many times over the years that the extra material is lost, they can’t locate it.
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  17. Well that's disappointing.
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  18. New piece on Rolling Stone about Truth Or Dare

    It’s August of 1990. Instagram will not be invented for another 20 years, and TMZ won’t slouch toward Bethlehem for another 15. Twitter is not even a gleam in Jack Dorsey’s eye yet. In this late-Mesozoic era of celebrity culture, the curating of a famous person’s image is still outsourced, publicity is still a commodity, and privacy is still a bargaining chip. But this woman, a bona fide pop star who’s allowing someone to film her while she opens up directly to the camera and throws away empty Heineken bottles and sleeps? Bitch, she’s Madonna. And as was characteristic with everything else the singer/dancer/cultural icon had a well-manicured hand in, she’s gleefully rewriting the rules of the game in real time.
  19. RJF


    Truth Or Dare is just... so iconic. The way even its produced moments are fascinating purely because they have you questioning why they would produce such moments. Miles vary on how staged some scenarios are but for better or worse, it's such an intriguingly unvarnished look into Madonna at the time. It's two hours of pure, distilled hubris. A woman who was carving out a brand new path across pop music with her own damn chisel and hammer with nothing but the map she dreamt up her head, and anyone who got in her way was going to feel said chisel and hammer in their damn skull.

    She wasn't always endearing, or likeable, or even remotely empathetic, but most gods are callous at the end of the day. She just didn't give a fuck. And why would she? She was telling God himself he could kiss her ass as she blazed across the world with one of the most influential tours of all time. She was drunk on power and glory and it was amazing.
  20. I’ve only just found out that this lewk was for the Truth or Dare premiere, I always thought this was from like 1985.

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