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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. ? I have a lot of users on here blocked and all I see is a notification to this post, was I summoned?
  2. @man.tis.shrimp wondered if MDNA is your fav album.
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  3. Oh, I'm going on the assumption as it was another way be bullied for my tastes...
    Such an awesome community where you can say your faves, your likes, etc and not get bullied...

    Anyway, I barely listened/listen to it...
    I only love 3 of her albums fully...
  4. That’s good If tue, she lives in LA now basically full time because David plays in the Juve Academy though.
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  5. It is true. My friend read with them.
  6. I stumbled this icy cover, one of the best Madonna covers I've heard in a while.

  7. me too!
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  8. Wow, if that’s Rocco he sounds great! It also reminds me of like...a Chevy ad, and I don’t mean that negatively nn. Hope he can get that good sync coin
  9. RJF


    What I find so bizarre yet so typical at the same time is that, out of all the artists out there I'm waiting on more material from... I'm the most intrigued at where she goes next. For her fifteenth album. In her sixties. I feel like the last album really shook a purpose loose in her and redirected her artistry somewhat; it's like the ways she wants to operate and be viewed are different, but that ever-present tenacity is still there. To still be creatively intriguing after nearly forty years... She really is the best we'll ever have.

    I was honestly anticipating having to wait another few years for new material (and the last album provided so much content that honestly, fair) so the fact that we have rumblings beginning anew... I'm ready.
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  10. I just heard Celebration (Benny Benassi Remix) playing in a bar…I’m alive.
  11. his Instagram
  12. What’s his Instagram?
  13. Rocco Ritchie already sounds like the name of a celebrity. Why go with Rouge? The song is fine. No one would give it a second glance if he wasn’t the son of famous people, but his voice isn’t bad.
  14. The song is so boring.He definitely is more of a Ritchie then a Ciccone.
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  15. I always thought Lola would go down the music route and become a big pop girl but it’s never happened has it?
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