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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Madonna playing herself on Spotify makes me scream
  2. I definitely think she revisited American Life a lot around the entire album recording process and Madame X tour rehearsals based on her teasing X-Static Process and Easy Ride at some point on social media.
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  3. Even before that, with Tears of a Clown

    It’s definitely an album she loves a lot. Still mad “X-Static Process” and “Easy Ride” didn’t make the Madame X set list
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  4. Is that a hat with beads??? What is she up to
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  5. X-Static Process remains my fav song on American Life. I love how it sounds like a dusty old church.
  6. Hmmm. I assume it’s just the collab with her boyfriend, or else they wouldn’t be teasing so openly

  7. It gave me such anxiety ! I kept thinking "any second now she's going to burn her face !"
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  8. Drop a Dance Album Queen.
  9. LTG


    Working on those streams
  10. such an amazing song
  11. She’s so extra, even when she’s trying to be casual. (Queen.)
  12. I’m honestly not interested in any collab with her bf. Its most likely going to be some bland trap/hip hop rubbish with no melody
  13. Let's not.
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  14. Girl...
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  15. Oh my
  16. The way she's already terrorising Erin Wilson in these videos.
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  17. If it's indeed a collab with her boyfriend, I'm just hoping it's not as boring as his solo song someone shared on here some months ago. It wasn't bad, just unremarkable.
  18. A collab with Björk where Madge is the volcano and B’s recent Instagram shoot is her as the ocean.
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  19. These blurry photo-of-a-screenshot teasers are so underwhelming. Wish she either did it properly or not do it at all. Oh how I miss the days when she could still surprise us... nowadays she can't help herself with endless oversharing of her daily activities.
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