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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. ...did she not do that with the first six Rebel Heart songs and Madame X announcement? Those both felt pretty out of left-field if I remember right
  2. But didn't she basically play the record for Mert Alas 10 months before the leaks, and hashtag #UnaplogeticBicth and #RebelHeart probably a million times? Obviously we couldn't have known she was going to release those tracks before Christmas, but we knew almost everything on five out of six tracks there even before they leaked. And Mirwais was tagged "disco god" months before we even saw a trace of Madame X. At this point, we know all of the collaborators ages before anything happens.
    I know, it appears she just can't win... and maybe she can't. Just... not overshare so much, I guess. It all becomes white noise. I'm already tired of the biopic before the script has been finished, let alone casting and the final product etc. Beyoncé just plops out a finished, polished product, without making it feel like a drag, despite probably taking a lot longer than Madge does.
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  3. don't forget #Messiah and #JoanOfArc....
    ...and GodIsLove, TrustNoBitch, Iconic, BitchImMadonna dddd

    I love how she had so many issues with leaks and has been so vocal about it all these years only for her to tease everything now and overly document on her social media. That's why I don't believe a lot of these 'she's about to release x and collab with y' rumours. Because we would've saw evidence of that already, gotten a tag of the person, a repost or a mini IGTV video to La Vie En Rose about it.
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  4. I feel like… she was always very transparent about her creative affairs. It’s the medium that changed.
    I mean she broke the news in ICON mag that she was cast as Evita (different production though) in like what, 1990? And then again during Pyjama Party? Every time I am watching some of her old interviews there’s almost always a mention of some future creative endeavour that never came to fruition (or did).
    Also, all those countless paparazzi pictures we used to have from sets of music videos in costumes, wigs & make up. Or “Madonna leaving studio with…”.
    I’ve been a fan for almost 20 years, and I think there wasn’t a single month (week?) when I wouldn’t know what she’s up to.
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  5. I mean, if people have an issue with over sharing they can just... not look? I enjoy the insight we get into her process, since we all know no journalists are going to ask her because they're too busy asking what it's like being a single mom in her 60s. Madonna has always shared what she's working on and seems to like documenting herself, as mentioned above. Now more than ever, it's the nature of the culture we're in. Always ahead of her time.
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  6. Yeah, when I have a free day and spend it watching old Madonna interviews there’s very rarely a clip where she’s not talking about some future endeavour. Almost all of the Ray of Light interviews are going on about Chicago and the scrapped film The Red Door (I think?) and neither of those happened.
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  7. Only recently I found out that she was planning on producing / starring in US remake of Agnes Varda’s new wave masterpiece “Cléo de 5 à 7”, which absolutely blew me away, especially considering it’s plot / themes.
  8. I also think that, despite the oversharing, there's still quite a bit of mystery surrounding everything she does. We might know names (or at least we can speculate), but she still very much has the ability to surprise when she wants to. I don't think anyone saw an album like Madame X coming, even though we were practically in the studio with her every week.
  9. Hmmm you do have a point. Even the other day I was watching some Ray of Light press conference videos where she teased some films that didn't happen. I guess with social media, it's more out there rather than something randomly mentioned at a press event in Spain or in a fanzine.
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  10. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    If we're going to pretend that this was anything other than iconic behavior then maybe I suggest you try the #MAGIC.
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  11. I remember being particularly certain that was going to be the album title.
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  12. I like that she shares regular updates with us, as a fan I’m fed just seeing that she’s working on something for us.
    Like, imagine hearing nothing from her for 4 years then bam! albums out… that’s a long thirsty spell.
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  13. It's such a relief that the album was not called Magic.
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  14. I have to wonder if there's an unreleased song with that title considering she used it as a hashtag so much.
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  15. I always took it as "Making magic in the studio, studio magic"
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  16. P__


    Wasn't that a reference to the 'I Rise' lyrics? Because I believe so.
  17. She mentioned that calling the album Madame X came last minute, so I wouldn't be surprised if Magic was the initial title.
  18. The bit he shared last year on Instagram was nice, it was in french.
  19. Maybe people not interested in her updates should not..look at her Instagram or in a discussion on a post about her in a forum? I mean, she talked about Like A Virgin (even saying the title) and Nile Rodgers months before it was released. Nothing changed, just the medium.
  20. I forget she hinted, and when I hear the recent albums, I try to forget those.
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