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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. I remember her being interviewed backstage at Live8 in early July 2005 where she nonchalantly dropped the title of her next album Confessions On A Dance Floor. Oh how exciting it was to wait for its arrival!
  2. And the said during her first and only Interview at The View that it was going to be a full dance album.
  3. How did I overlook the brilliance that is "Mother and Father" all these years?

    The track really hits for me from the second half, with the heavier distorted electronic backing. The chorus is brilliant.

    It sent me on a journey to rediscover "American Life" which has been on repeat over the last couple of hours.
  4. LTG


    Looks like mum’s plan is working
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  5. American Strife is still one of her boldest artistic statements.
  6. American Life was never going to do as well as other albums, but I do feel like they could have avoided some of its failure? I feel like promoting it as a “politics” album and naming it “American Life” when that song doesn’t really represent the whole album wasn’t the greatest move.
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  7. I'm not sure a "politics album" came with the same baggage then that it would today. As much as I love the coverart and aesthetic, I do wonder if it would have visually been more approachable if she'd have just kept that for the single and had something else for the album.
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  8. I think the thing is that she wasn't trying to be approachable. This was also in the midst of her experimenting heavily with performance art with Steven Klein and wanting to be ugly. It's very similar to Erotica in that she was the opposite of conventionally "sexy" during that promo cycle because it wasn't actually an album about sex. I'm sure she found it ironic and it went over most people's heads, naturally, because instinct tells us to judge what we see, so American Life = politics, like Erotica = sex.
  9. Spring 2003 was also a pretty intense time in the US to be even remotely critical of Bush or the impending war, so M's decision to lead the album with American Life's original video and the cover art made people see red I think. It's really not a "political" record for the most part, and I think recent reappraisals of it have finally acknowledged that.
  10. I think her instincts were right but she misjudged the timing and let her good intentions get the better of her. The album is largely about rejecting fame and materialism in favor of love, whether romantic or parental. But she felt the war coming and thought she had to say something so she paired a song called American Life with a video that painted the war as cruel and inhumane (which it is) during a time when it was unheard of to criticize American imperialism so she was painted with the anti-American brush even if neither the song not video were explicitly anti-American (although the commercialization of war and violence is an inherently American phenomenon). Of course she was right and the tide turned in a couple of years but not before her career was torpedoed in the US. I wish someone would give her some credit for sticking her neck out and speaking truth about the Iraq war before it was popular.

    Now that I think about it, at least she got to make another statement video about the pointlessness and brutality of gun violence with the same director almost 15 years later which was much better received.
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    I think for me I've always envisioned American Life to be an album about identity and more specifically perhaps one fashioned through a lens of identity politics? It's ridiculously introspective and interrogative, and it's a shame that its lead single really did it in. Still in my top three from her.
  12. I'm pretty tough on lyrics that don't try hard enough and I've always failed to see the issue with American Life's lyrics. Yes, there's a few clunky lines and blatant cliches (nothing new for a Madonna album or a pop album) and Hollywood is almost puzzling in how shallow a take it is on the downsides of celebrity, but overall they're quite good? A lyric like: "This type of modern life is not for me" or "I'm not myself standing in a crowd" hits hard as hell IMO. I feel that. And some of the things she's talking about in Easy Ride cut to the core of the human experience.
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  13. No, there never was such thing as a track called "Magic".
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  14. I’ve come to think of American Life as “here, let’s start with a suite of songs that strip away all the bullshit: fame, materialism, concern with the opinions of strangers, mass media, etc…. Okay, now that I’ve done the work and peeled all those unhealthy layers off myself, who am I? What’s left? In a frame of mind absent of those hollow fixations, I can examine what I truly want and value.”
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    What are you up to 24 June beb?

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  17. Temple of Pride might mean Stonewall. She performed there before on New Years Eve.
  18. Yas M serve that Iranian Mosque pic while alluding it to pride!
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  20. Exactly a week from now...hmm. Two of the slides are giving Madame X but we already know the tour film is coming in October, so I guess it's not related to that. Not getting MDNA Skin either.

    Frankly the only thing stopping me from thinking it's new music-related is the date, but then again she wouldn't be the first to drop something on Thursday instead of Friday.
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