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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Didn’t she drop Medellín on a Wednesday as well? Queen of doing nothing to get a chart position.
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  2. It’s obviously something she’s doing in person because she flew to NYC.
  3. Maybe I read her last caption/post about it wrong but she made it sound like she had moved there.
  4. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    It'll be a remix of "I Rise" and we all deal.
  5. I reckon an official version of the Pride Island 2019 performance. A Madame X tour sample, as it were.
  6. She just bought a place in California in April, so I think at most she's in New York for the summer. Maybe to work on the screenplay further with new surroundings.
  7. In other news, M has appeared once again on the latest update to Danny L Harle's Huge Playlist, this time with Oh Father of all things (taste tho)

    I'm gonna need her to work with him.
  8. It would be a literal "God is coming" moment.
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  9. Because people with taste know this is simply great

    I'd like to express my extreme point of view
    I'm not Christian and I'm not a Jew
    I'm just living out the American dream
    And I just realized that nothing is what it seeeeeeeeeeeehms

  10. Something about that October date seems weird, it's just too far away for a likely streaming release? Unless she really does have something else in the bag that's taking precedence?
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  11. The video of American life is great as much as it is Hollywood but visually the album isn’t great. It is definitely well executed by M/M but the military/Guevara aesthetic is bit reductive. I think it is a solid album with some great tunes but I didn’t like her fashion choices of the period. Honestly one of her buggiest problems from that moment on are her fashion choices. Sometimes I can’t believe she is the same women that for 15 year has been totally on point with her aesthetic choices.
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  12. I adore the American Life aesthetic. Her embrace of dark hair again was very nice to see, too. Though I guess she lost that by the time the English mum era came around. The striking reds and blacks of the main album campaign was just IT for me.
  13. Was this her final appearance on Top Of The Pops?

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  14. The whole thing took a complete dive once she started wearing ankle-length floral dresses and tartan plaid vest jumpers.
  15. I weirdly didn't hate those looks. They just didn't really make any sense.
  16. Remember this?

    Warner Brothers is denying rumors that they have asked Madonna to re-record some of the material on the album. The speculation came after French producer Mirwaïs flew to L.A. this week to assist Madonna with the final mixing of the album. Inside sources say the “electro-pop” album is too over the top and “avant garde” to be a commercial success. They claims she has used too many electronic synthesizers on her voice and morphed the vocals into sounding like a robot.

  17. I like it as a full body of work, but the mere presence of “Nothing Fails” and “Easy Ride” in the tracklist shoots American Life up my list of favorite Madonna albums.
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  18. True. Even Nelly Furtado said in 2012, "American Life by Madonna was ahead of time". It was, maybe still is.
  19. Why it shows American Life instead of Hollywood?
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