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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. I liked Hard Candy with the Candy Girl intro.
  2. Hard Candy is a great album.

    4 minutes is catchy, Give it 2 me is perfect, Heartbeat, She's not me, Dance 2 night are great.

    Also Miles away is a nice ballad and beat goes on is still a bop.

    I only don't like Spanish Lesson !
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  3. A mere 13 years later, Hard Candy has really crept up on me recently and I've found myself enjoying the second half on the album more.

    Dance 2night especially - what a bop
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  4. ...Hard Candy is not well made, though. Poor writing, overbearing production, and Pharrell and T*mberlake spitting ad libs on every other track just ain’t it. This is a hill I’m willing to die on!
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  5. Hard Candy just isn't her in most parts. Thus, her Britney Jean.

    Still enjoying some of its moments.
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  6. I enjoy it a lot, especially the Pharrell tracks, he captured a fun, playful side of Madonna that hadn't been aired in a little while. The Timbaland tracks are a bit more patchy, mostly because they didn't have a lot of time to work on them and his sound was already getting played out at the time but they're still interesting.

    But I 100% respect your opinion, obviously.
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  7. Forever a fan of Incredible, screechy yelps included.
  8. LTG


    Some of you have never seen your booty get down like (uh) and it shows.
  9. aux


    "Miles Away" remains my favourite song on Hard Candy. Mother sounds amazing over the breezy, summery production.
  10. Give It 2 Me deserved a much better video, and She's Not Me, Beat Goes On and Devil Wouldn't Recognize You deserved to be singles.
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  11. Hard Candy is fantastic and high key one of her most consistent post-AL albums. Underrated bop fest.
  12. Hard Candy was just marketed weirdly. It would’ve been better to maybe draw parallels to her debut with an updated sound to 2008. That’s what the “funky” soundscape reminds me of outside of the Timbaland and Pharell-isms. But, I feel like the latter was what was emphasized, made even more glaring by the J*stin collab. Some fans of course may genuinely not like the sound, but a lot dismiss it as “inauthentic” because of the whole packaging of it.
  13. Imagine a parallel universe where we got Hard Candy in 2005/2006 and Confessions on a Dance Floor in 2008/2009.

    She would've been ahead of the trend and then bang on it.
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  14. I mean, they actually did do this dd. Timbaland and Pharrell were even quoted saying as much. And then there were the 80s infomercial promos, which are iconic

  15. If Hard Candy is her Britney Jean (it’s NOT) what is MDNA?
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  16. Why didn't Beautiful Stranger get released in the US? If it reached No.19 on the Hot 100 just on radio airplay it surely could have been an easy Top 5 or even potential Number 1 for her.
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  17. I think the idea was to sell the soundtrack as it would generate more $$$ for labels, a common tactic in the late 90s.
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  18. Though it’s one of her most consistent bodies of work, I’m not fond of the distinctive Pharrell sound so I find it hard to get into "Hard Candy" as a whole. It’s more personal taste speaking than anything else.
  19. Ddd I never saw this! The imagery that honestly stuck with me from the era was the J*stin video, the meh cover and Brit joining her in concert. Confessions felt like the “return to form” album when years later, I’d find out those weren’t her “roots” at all.
  20. Hard Candy is my second favourite Madonna album after American Life. It's so damn good.
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