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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Yeah, the imagery (especially live) was very much rooted in her early New York days with the mash ups and Keith Haring references

  2. I wish she'd performed Dance 2Night instead of the rock version of Borderline, although I did love the Dress You Up replacement on the 2009 leg.
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  3. The request section of that tour threw up some moments, notably the disaster in Vienna:

  4. Lila

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    Hating Hard Candy in 2021 makes you ugly sorry
  5. I always forget this remix of “4 Minutes” exists, I love the darker tone of it

  6. A wild though suggested by a friend of mine, but what if she did a cover version for Lady Gaga's BTW anniversary edition and that’s what coming next week?
  7. .......lots of people are saying this (please don't let it be true)
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  8. Basically half of the web is thinking that. Who knows.
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  9. Hard Candy is not a groundbreaking masterpiece by any means, but it’s a really good album, and one of my absolute favorites from her. There are 2 songs on it I never listen to, but other than that, every song on it is pretty great.
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  10. The Hot 100 began allowing songs with no commercial formats into the chart for the first time earlier that year because of this - a few singles were airplay #1s with no single in the stores ("Don't Speak" being a good example, I think "Lovefool" is another) and a few artists were deliberately releasing small batches of CD and cassette singles at the peak airplay point to engineer a high Hot 100 debut ("You Are Not Alone").
  11. Ring my Bell is also A+ (and another deceptively upbeat document of a disintegrating marriage).
  12. She isn’t
  13. We luv tea
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  14. So it’s a remix of Future Lovers with maybe a live show or something?
  15. A live stream with mixes by those dj’s of M tracks?! What could this be?!?! Absolutely love that line-up! Here for an album produced by all of those!
  16. I'm literally about to start weeping blood at that incredible lineup oh my GOD!!!!!!!!
  17. Oh she understood the assignment real well
  18. Madame X In the Mix please Mum.
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  19. She keeps mentioning 'God' - this can't be a stream of God Control remixes could it ? Surely not.

    Also the thumbnail shot looks new - is it from what she was shooting the other day ?

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