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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. This is all so exciting yet confusing! Someone call Liz, we need a press release! STAT!
  2. Madonna x Kaytranada IMAAAAAAAGINE A WORLD LIKE THAT.
  3. The video for Bitch I’m Madonna was filmed there.
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  4. Best guess is she's hosting a pride party and she may have either pre-taped something or will stream it live. I saw Lauren comment on her post, which makes me think it could be live.
  5. If she uses this as an opportunity to play a new song a la Dark Ballet at the Met about #cum
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  6. When this is her announcing her shift away from being a solo act and becoming a DJ

  7. I wish in my heart is was a remix album aka You Can Dance 2 but it will be a party and a guest DJ gig and we will all deal.
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  8. I think she might perform a few songs live, not just dj.
  9. Remix album gets my vote.
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  10. That new Future Lovers remix is absolutely banging btw (Honey Dijon's work possibly?). Could we possibly get a music video and single release for the song in remixed form?! Can a boy dream?

    Also, Lauren commented on the instagram post with "Let's go", so I'm guessing she's involved, as her vocal producer that sounds hopeful. And oddly Drag Race winner Aquaria commented with a wink emoji... also involved in the project perhaps? I'll stop rambling and Nancy Drew-ing now...
  11. Exciting

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  12. well... Misshapes reposted the video on her instagram page and tagged Ricardo and Sasha Kasiuha, video director who also filmed the Crave video... He in his turn posted that new close-up shot of M's eyes on his profile with the caption: "“The Eyes are the Window to the Soul” #madonna, 2021"

    Honey Dijon has a gig in Brooklyn on the 25th of June, Kaytranada had a gig in San Fransisco the 24th which is now canceled and also worth noting is that apparently Misshapes is HIGHLY pregnant. So even though she's located in NYC, I'm not sure she's actively spinning the decks at the moment!

  13. I'm guessing this is what Ricardo was hyping, then. Curious.
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  14. After I spent days dismissing all these teasers thinking it was the duet with Malik. Thank you for telling me I was wrong M.
  15. When she debuts their song with a live performance
  16. Aquaria used to perform/still performs during the summer at Le Bain at the Top of the Standard (also known as the Boom Boom Room) in NYC so M might actually be there
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  17. I really hope a remix ep is also in the cards because well, I’m not in NY.
  18. I'm gonna guess it's a small Pride appearance a la Stonewall the other year.
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  19. Ok this is looking waaaaay more promising
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