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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. With all these people involved and something new filmed I’m guessing it’ll be of a bit larger scale than that! Possibly career spanning… retrospective style…
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  2. Spill the tea sis.
  3. You're in for a treat. She gave her heart to keep it secret. Most people of her circle don't even know exactly what will happen. Only the people who are involved are in the know. I'm not gonna hang around acting like i know and all. Sure i have a few extra info but i don't know exactly what i will hear and see. From what i know, all i can say is get your dancing shoes ready !
  4. *hyperventilates*
  5. I'm just curious what she filmed the other day - it's either it's own thing or perhaps it's to be used as a backdrop ?

    Mind boggles.
  6. Watch it be an ad for MDNA skin. I'm not getting my hopes up but ready to eat my words.
  7. Well does this mean we are gonna get an album or a single? Ugh
  8. We are not going to get an album for sure next week.
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  9. Please let this be worth the hype!
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  10. I’m ready, queen
  11. but a single…
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  12. I am perched, mother!

    Also, I’ve rediscovered Beautiful Stranger and went into a bit of a hole about it… maybe the reason she doesn’t perform it anymore is because it’s probably about one of her worst boyfriends? Really felt bad for Mum because I didn’t know Ray of Light to Music era was actually a tumultuous era for her romantically.
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  13. Just a random question, any idea if Madonna started to work on her next album or new music ?
  14. I don’t want to get myself hyped at the prospect of new music after the rumour mill fell flat pre Madame X, e.g. Met Gala 2018, New Years Eve 2018, I’m sure there’s another example I’m missing.
    If it is a performance next week then I hope it’s live-streamed, looking forward to seeing what she has in store.
  15. Id love a feature length music video covering several new remixes and an EP / remix album
  16. Me, any time there is even the slightest possibility of new Madonna:

  17. Where my royalties at?

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  18. Please let it be Remixed & Revisited 2k21
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  19. Ugh! Fine!~

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