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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. I really really love their friendship, and I can imagine it's not easy to be friends with Madonna. I don't think Debi takes any shit from her and I'd bet Madonna really respects that.
  2. Yes. She has starded during the last quarter of 2020 with Pat Leonard. The plan was to have an album ready before shooging the biopic and to release both at same time - multi release and Madonna everywhere. She planned to rework the Leonard tracks with another producer early 2021, they did and things were put aside. Things then took another direction, she met two new producers, one in particular, and decided to start everything from scratch with him with fresh new ideas and direction. It's not sure she will use the Leonard tracks considering the new productions.
  3. That would mean she will be sitting on a finished album for quite some time while working on the biopic. That's weird. I mean, keeping everything in secrecy and from leaks.
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  4. LTG


    Me on 24 June

  5. I am so curious about the state of the biopic. Initially, I was expecting a late 2022 release, but somehow I feel it will be even further into the future. They’ve just started filming “Furiosa” and that film has a 2023 release date (though of course it will require more SFX and post production than any biopic).
  6. LTG


    House of Gucci only wrapped last month and is supposed to be out in November. Depending on how much they film and who’s editing it could be quick to put together.
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  7. Aww, I was really curious to know what a Madonna/Pat collab would sound like in 2021. Hopefully those tracks will come out one way or another too.
    I'm very excited for things to come.
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  8. Is there a studio attached to her biopic yet or is she going to shop it around once the script is finished?
  9. Universal Pictures
  10. Me sipping every drop of tea on this June 24th announcement and definitely not getting hyped up about a possible remix EP including a new track and accompanying live performance.
  11. I’m now imagining the wedding cake from The MTV Awards being part of a future Universal Studio Tour.
  12. Maybe it will be released in 2023 ready for her 40th anniversary. Would make sense!
  13. There's no way she would let the movie be hastily edited together like a Ridley Scott film with how meticulous she is in the booth. Scott's quick turnaround times are an anomaly in the industry. I wouldn't expect anything until 2023 at the earliest.
  14. Pat Leonard already denied he has been working on new material with her lately. Some fans DM’d him on Instagram about this and the long-awaited double LP of his past work with M rearranged with an orchestra, which got scrapped due to lack of fundings. He said he hasn’t been approached by her team for new songs, at all.

    Time to stop with these lies, boy!
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  15. Madame X has been editing a DVD for a year ruse…
  16. Calling someone "boy" is pretty disrespectful and you should honestly edit that out of your post, but I do find it annoying when people just make shit up.
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  17. I mean, we have no way of verifying the Pat Leonard rumors at the moment either way, but at the same time...why would he answer some random fan's DM about an upcoming Madonna project, especially if she's trying to avoid leaks?

    At this point I don't realistically expect new music until like, fall at the earliest anyway, so we'll see I guess.
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  18. Is this post coming from 1997 a year before the release of Ray of light? It just sounds like it.
  19. Ragazzo means boy in Italian...meh!
  20. This is not true. First it wasn’t going to be with an orchestra but just instrumentals made by Pat. Second he closed the founding because he said a single person just put the money for it. And his last Instagram post is from 2016. So I call bullshit the “he replied to me on Instagram”.
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