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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. I feel like she'll want to release new music rather than do what other biopics have done with milking the back catalogue. I can't really see her following the standard biopic routine.
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  2. I can see her doing both. Obviously her older material will have to feature in the film if it’s telling her life story. Movies generally have soundtracks which consist of the music used in the film. But she could release an album of new material at the same time. It also would be nice to have on the album with the older material a few older previously released songs to make it worthwhile for fans who do have all of her older albums to buy.
  3. Well as i said and i repeat, as for now, the Leonard tracks are not part of her latest plans. I'm not saying she won't use them at all but she seems to focus on the new tracks she's made with the other producer. The guy wasn't keen on reworking tracks already crafted by someone else so they started from scratch and she just loved it. A new concept was born.
  4. Yes, both.
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  5. I definitely think she'll release music and finally do something with her back catalogue. By the time this film is released, she'll own all her masters, since I believe her original Sire contract where she has to wait 30 years for each recording only covered her first 4 albums and The Immaculate Collection. She signed her Time Warner deal and launched Maverick in 1992. From what I remember, this new deal gave her ownership over everything from that point on. My suspicion has always been that she was waiting to be able to own everything (specifically her 80s material, as it's probably seen as most valuable) and use it to leverage a new deal, similar to what Oasis said they planned to do.
  6. I forgot about the masters, that'd be great. Just the first four albums remastered would be a dream, but hopefully her going through old things will encourage her to throw on some unreleased tracks to any reissues.
  7. The way Elton John co-ordinated a greatest hits, huge boxset, world tour and endorsements around Rocketman shows the potential if the stars align.
  8. I'm here for whatever sound she has in store but honestly the stan in me just wants her to taste universal acclaim again. Especially now that the biopic should be a celebration of her career.
    I get very annoyed when people criticize Madame X by calling it her worst album, or a bad album in general. I get it if you don't like it but not liking something does not mean it's bad. It's like I know MDNA is a bad album but I do like it, or I acknowledge Taylor Swift's music is good but I personally don't like it.
  9. This has been on heavy rotation today in preparation to whatever it's coming this week. Honey Dijon can do no wrong and Kaytranada is amazing so I'm VERY excited.

  10. In fairness I think this just come more naturally to a heritage act. He’s used to living off past glories - M isn’t.
  11. M telling the drunk girls behind me at the Madame X Tour who screamed for Borderline during a quiet part of the show to fuck off because it was her show is really what sets her apart from the other artists who are content to play the same 30 songs for life and collect an easy check. Queen shit.
  12. Florence Pugh sharing M's post from the other day in her stories...hmmmmmm
  13. I agree, however I think if there ever was a time for Madonna to live off of past glories it would be the biopic. REALLY drive the point home that she's THAT girl.
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  14. I really don't see her releasing any new music this year.
    These days she loves to tease us with studio shots for months leading up to anything new.
    I will happily eat my words if she manages to surprise us.
  15. What do you mean New concept... How is it different that what was worked with Leonard? What was the concept with him at first... Was it modern, more like Madame X or like oldies...
  16. The Leonard tracks/demos are very classic Madonna, almost old school. Maybe too old school and that could be why she had a change of mind and decided to go for something more modern and upbeat. The Leonard demos are almost only ballads, with very personnal lyrics (i already mentionned a track about her father and her family). Keep in mind that she worked with Pat at the very beginning of the album process, she wasn't sure which direction she wanted to take, she was testing, searching... She's now in a different mood, she wants people to get back on the dancefloor.
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  17. Bathhouse anthem.

    That reminds me the time I went to one in southern Spain which had the Confessions tour playing on the screens instead of the usual ~selections~.

    Getting acquainted with the local patrons while M does her thing on stage on the screens around was a different experience.
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  18. Girl same in Paris (“Gym” Louvre except they had MJ’s funeral service playing… the layers.)
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