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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Remember when mother sacrificed her hip for us.
  2. Me screaming “I love you” during I Deserve It teas.
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  3. To be honest if she spoke to me like that I’d shout back horrible abuse back knowone speaks to me like that regardless of how famous you think you are.
    Fans do it all the time in concert shout song requests out etc it’s just showing the love.
  4. Then don't go see Madonna.
  5. Requests on pop concerts by mega stars? This isn’t Nadine Coyle at Pizza Express though I’m sure even that had a set playlist too.
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  6. I find all the 'motherfucker' stuff in poor taste. I'm guessing it's just her brash style.

    I like nearly everything else though so I try to ignore the rudeness.
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  7. [​IMG]
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  8. No that’s not the answer. Just because you like an artist don’t mean you deserve to be spoken to like something she’s just stepped in. She needs to learn some respect.

    And if she did to that to me and I answered back you could say I’ve learnt from the best - Madonna herself!
  9. She needs to learn nothing - fans need to learn not to shout stuff while she's trying to perform. Also, I'm sure she'd be trembling at the thought of you clapping back at her. Maybe go back to being a 'Conservative gay' and realise you're not gonna win this argument.
  10. It's all panto though. My favourite part of the Confessions tour was her telling us we were lazy motherfuckers for not singing the 'time goes by...' bits loud enough.
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  11. I know she is not being aggressive and it's her style. I just don't personally like that element to her. As I said, I like nearly everything else though.
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  12. Honestly the highlight of the Manchester Rebel Heart show was her telling all us Diva Bitches to shut the fuck up.

    Don’t ever change my Queen.
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  13. Out of everything Madonna has said and done in her career, some people really are getting prudish and clutching their pearls over her....using salty language at her own concerts? Weird.
    It's her show and she has more than earned the right to do what she wants. You/us on the other hand, have not.
  14. The audience roared back their approval!
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  15. Haha omg the aggression off you. Getting all hot tempted with a stranger you don’t know on a forum.

    I’m sure she’d be shocked as she’s rude and around yes people most of the time.
  16. i never understood when she’d put the middle finger up to the audience and sort of wave it from left to right, what’s that achieve
  17. You haven't seen me aggressive or hot tempered and you won't either! Also, the idea that anyone could shock Madonna is laughable.
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  18. Madonna shot my lover friend in the head once and guess what? I had put the bullseye there myself <3
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  19. If you're going to be screeching requests during a quiet moment of a show where the performer is potentially collecting their thoughts or emotions so the show can continue as planned you deserve to be told to fuck off quite honestly. See also

  20. To me, her on stage 'aggression' is one of her USP's. I have seen some people fuming after her show about that, but it's part of the fun for me. I feel she's in her confidence zone and loves pushing buttons and knows a lot of the audience love it.

    I remember radio 1 broadcast Blond Ambition live and she peppered the show with fucks. It was hilarious.

    Also, I don't get people who go 'oh she did so much of the album' but she always does a lot from each album she's promoting. It's nothing unusual.
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