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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Ok apologies :)
  2. As if this wouldn’t be her flying from the stage and biting your head off before you even thought to open your mouth at her

  3. RJF


    The audience at a Madonna should be drained and afraid. Drained, from waiting four hours for her to take the stage. Afraid, from the fact that she will lash you if you’re not up to standard. That’s how she likes us. Supple, desperate, and ready to be impressed.
  4. This is poetry. None of the people in my Creative Writing block could compete.
  5. But she doesn’t know what any of those strangers in her audience she’s biting back at have achieved in their lives to which could give them just has much right as her. Just because those fan she’s biting back at isn’t in the spotlight as much as her doesn’t mean they not on the same level or have ‘that right’ you say.
  6. Love this
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  7. RJF


    When would this ever happen? You might invent the cure for cancer, but you’ll never write “Like A Prayer”.
  8. I was at the Rebel Heart Tour show in Manchester where she was an hour late. Some people booed. She called us "bitches". It was great, everyone around us laughed.
  9. Whossecondaccountisthat122?

    It made me cheer louder... she called us Motherfuckers at my Sticky & Sweet date as well
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  10. People who approach Madonna from the respectability politics angle are hopelessly confused.
  11. I’m not letting this go. What you say is right only if you also show respect. I’m horrified by fans who thinks they are entitled to demand things from artists. Can you image what it feels like to be performing frozen while a drunken person shout other songs titles?Madonna is right to demand to sit back or go. It’s her show, her creativity her work. She is for sure detached from reality when she tells people to fuck of when she is many hours late.
  12. If the biopic turns out to be successful, I don't know if that will translate to a new album.
    I think it is very important to serve something accessible. Another moody and dark album would be a bad idea. It doesn't have to be very commercial, because Madonna has proved before that she can be edgy and accessible at the same time.

    A good plan would be if she releases a new song that would act as a lead single from the new album, but also a single from soundtrack. That would tie things up. A trinity (album, biopic, soundtrack).
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  13. Does she even have a record label yet?
  14. Old school stuff would make sense, if there is going to be a biopic. At least for a soundtrack.
    Madonna isn't one of those artists who used the same formula, so music that evokes her 80s works would be unexpected and welcome by many.

    I think it would be great if she serves music with less electronic elements and autotune.

    Maybe Madonna hired Leonard as a songwriter, not a producer. She made good demos with him and wants a producer who can bring something new to those songs. Ditching everything she made with Leonard, just to start from scratch with new producers... I don't know. If she made great stuff, she wouldn't ditch it.

    Besides Leonard, can we know the name of that ditched producer?
  15. Shaking x
  16. Okay but can that be the Madame X film cover?
  17. Squinting to see if she's wearing a hat, a balaclava, or a Gloria Swanson turban
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  18. LTG


    Get off my neck mum!
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  19. Wearing that red beaded wig I see… and that lingerie she was wearing a couple posts back…
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