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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

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  2. Madame X is an edge lord. The possibilities of this are too exciting so I’m trying to remain realistic but it’s too hard when Mambo is concerned. She still whips me into a shrieking frenzy.
    As far as we know she’s apparently back with Warner Brothers - at least to license the music to, as she did with Live Nation/Interscope.
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  3. I am so ready for whatever this may be’
  4. So according to her story it’s a charity performance!
  5. And for the Ali Forney Center too, work mom!
  6. Fantastic causes to support! I was scared that she was gonna drop yet another awful short film on us.
  7. When going by the outfit, she was wearing the same bra and panties in the shots she posted on her Instagram on March 28th, so this potentially has been in the works for quite a while…
  8. I need it to be the 24th now.
  9. It’s kind of cute that people would even expect Madonna to be kind at her shows. Have you ever seen an interview with her? Tough love is the only love she will ever give us.
  10. Scrolling Facebook earlier and stumbled upon a post from Graham Norton’s page about her interview with the fans who created doll versions of her, the comments were honestly laughable, people unable to get a her sense of humour in the slightest, mistaking it for ungrateful rudeness, even though it was pretty clear she truly appreciated the effort the fans put into the dolls.
  11. The caption of that story she posted in March the 28th, wearing the exact same bra and panties as this latest story is: “and now for a moment of self reflection”, … with a new mix of Future Lovers in that teaser I really think this has the potential to be career spanning retrospective…
  12. I'm guessing this is going to be a pre-taped film/performance of sorts and her actually appearing in person, maybe with a live stream? I can't imagine everyone hyping this up for it to not be broadcast somehow.
  13. Also, if this were a live in person charity event based on tickets sold, wouldn’t they have released more info and started ticket tales by now? Seeing as it takes place in 3 days! I’m guessing steamed! Much higher potential audience and revenue!
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  14. Exactly. I do know friends that are going to be there (allegedly, they could have been talking out of their ass), so I think there might be some sort of audience maybe made up of media/celebs. But as far as gen-pop goes, I think we'll all be watching from home.
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  15. If this is a streamed gig I'm very happy to contribute some coin to a good cause.

    Exciting stuff.
  16. If she performs Hung Up I will throw cash at her.
  17. Watch ha end up performing... Human Nature
    -excitement gone
  18. When she does "Future Lovers", "Killers Who Are Partying" (with revised Israel lyric), "God Control", "Music" and "Human Nature"

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  19. I guess it’s going to be some kind of Tears of A Clown like thing but more electronic and dance oriented.
  20. No it wasn’t. It wasn’t humorous at all.
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