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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Oh lord not the doll thing again. She was visibly uncomfortable and it was awkward, but she was hardly awful to them from what I recall. You'd think she spat in and slapped those men's faces from some of the reactions I saw after the episode aired.
  2. do you even like her? All your posts are so..negative?
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  3. Eli Escobar posted that he's playing Pat Pride on the 24th from 10pm-3am, so I'm definitely getting pre-taped live set from all this
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  4. I genuinely didn’t see a problem with it. Like, yeah she wasn’t jumping with glee but she was hardly expressing her disgust at them. I imagine it is a pretty awkward situation when someone hands you dolls they have made of you.
  5. I only just noticed that M is obsessed with...
    Chairish the thought. It's true. Open Your Heart onwards
    From thrones to electrical chairs, been there done that.
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  6. Umm, didn't the doll artists say on Facebook that she was super nice and complimentary off camera
  7. The doll thing was iconic. Madonna asking if she could keep them and the gays instantly nodding ‘No’.

    Three icons!
  8. I only just started this, but I love how she references films

  9. A Be Kind Rewind video on Madonna?! This is a dream. Everyone who likes old movies/old Hollywood should dive into this channel. It's the best.
  10. Absolutely. The way people expect Madonna to be perfect at all times when they've almost certainly done/said way ruder shit than that.
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  11. I'm glad that there seems to be a more widespread and nuanced understanding nowadays that Madonna has homaged Marilyn throughout her career after spending the better part of the last two-ish decades listening to people complain about M "ripping her off"
  12. And finally the acknowledgment that Dietrech has always been the bigger inspiration, which is painfully obvious but not as acknowledged. Probably because she doesn't occupy the same pop culture space Marilyn does.

    I'm in heaven watching this video. I love when people take Madonna seriously.
  13. The fact this video doesn't even cover the latter half of her career and it's still nearly 40 minutes. Iconic.
  14. The wealth of content in Madonna's career regularly makes my head spin and I've been a fan since I was 11 or 12.
  15. Yas. BKR is such an M stan.
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  16. It’s to people’s own detriment I guess, but if you don’t have the vocabulary, then it makes sense why a lot of Madonna’s style and text is not understood or appreciated today. But this is what makes it so exciting that Madonna isn’t a heritage act! A pop star who is still current and committed to new ideas and concepts — but has a first hand love of classic film is very special. Most pop stars reference someone else’s (Madonna’s) reference of another work. But clearly Madonna returns to the movies, uses them as a primary source, and is an appreciator of the arts. I think this is what drove a lot of early critical theory around her work.
  17. Sorry but she's the best ever. The end.
  18. There's literally no counterargument to this.
  19. I've said it a million times and I'll say it a million more: I lowkey do not trust anyone claiming to be a fan of pop music that a) hates Madonna or b) doesn't have at least a cursory knowledge of her impact on the last nearly forty years of popular culture. Like...that don't make no sense luv
  20. I've always appreciated Madonna's references in her videos and iconography to films. The Girlie Show alone is a celebration of classic Hollywood. Justify My Love with its homages to Bay of Angels and The Night Porter. Bad Girl and its homage to Looking for Mr. Goodbar (and the strobe effect in the Erotica video, directly or indirectly, referencing Goodbar's final scene).
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