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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. I really love "Celebration"
  2. Celebration is fantastic, and I love the video as well. I need that uploaded in HD on her channel since it’s currently in like 240p.
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  3. The MDNA Tour is one of her greatest artistic achievements. The way the third section started with Madonna at her most bulletproof and glamorous to the most vulnerable feminist political statement I’ve ever seen live deserved 3834783 thinkpieces and endless praise
  4. I prefer the Rebel Heart Tour overall because she had a warmth to her (thats the only word I can think of) that made it feel like a more personal show. Obviously the Like A Virgin/Love Spent section of MDNA was really theatrical and was clearly born out of personal pain. But with Rebel Heart there was a joy and nostalgia that we just don't get from Madonna. Thats not normally her bag. But on Rebel Heart she seemed genuinely touched to still have this relationship with an audience 30 years down the line.
  5. I have mixed feelings about the Rebel Heart Tour. I loved that it was more intimate and an arena tour (which I hope she does if she tours again) but I feel like some parts of the show were like three acts in one and I wasn't big on some of the new arrangements.
  6. I think @Drew makes a good case for Rebel Heart but I find it to be overall more boring to watch than MDNA. Whereas the opposite is true of the albums.
  7. LTG


    The Rebel Heart versions of:

    • Like a Virgin
    • Material Girl
    • Deeper and Deeprr

    fucking slapped.
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  8. I love Rebel Heart Tour, but I feel like it’s the worst closing number she ever had on tour. That Holiday version just didn’t pop enough and felt anti climatic, and those costumes & choreography were questionable as well. Unapologetic Bitch is that final girl.
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  9. With MDNA the Girl Gone Wild, Gang Bang, Express Yourself, Give Me All Your Luvin, Vogue, and Love Spent numbers were fantastic. Tour performance highlights amongst her entire career. But overall I think the show is less memorable for me in large part because the songs aren't that memorable. With Madonna you know the focus is on the current album with a smattering of hits. I'd much rather watch her perform Unapologetic Bitch than I'm A Sinner.

    Also Rebel Heart has True Blue and our sole Take A Bow performance.
  10. I love I Am A Sinner, the way those cubes rearrange and become buses, the whole the Beatles in Rishikesh / the Darjeeling Limited / acid tie dye / psychedelic 60s vibe, the way Cyberraga coda goes off… Feels like what Ray Of Light tour would have been sonically and visually.
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  11. I really enjoyed the intimacy and warmth of the Like A Virgin Rebel Heart performance, hopefully there will be other performances with this similar vibe, the connection with the fans was great during it.
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  12. Yep. That performance enhanced the song. The vocals sounded better too. Her lower live voice singing I'm A Sinner>those awful high pitched vocals on the recorded version.

    I thought the MDNA performances tended to enhance the songs better than the Rebel Heart performances, though I do get that with MDNA, there's more room to enhance.

    I don't really care for the Holy Water/Devil Pray section of Rebel Heart. It's fun and looks nice but it's on the nose and I think it's one of the sections of the tour where she sounds pretty bad vocally.
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  13. The MDNA tour was great and a return to form after Sticky and Sweet (Round 1 especially) was two hours of a haphazardly cobbled together eurodance exercise show --at least Round 2 had a better setlist.

    MDNA felt like it had a little more heart to it and experiencing it from the Golden Triangle was transcendent (especially because it hid her...choice vocals on I Don't Give A), the only actively terrible part was the three hour long rendition of Like a Virgin.
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  14. I Don't Give A is...not a good song and yeah, it sounds vocally dire when performed live, but it still kinda slapped. I think pure momentum carried even the weaker songs; even Revolver auto-tuned within a inch of its life went the fuck off and the excellence that was the Girl Gone Wild performance partially built that momentum. There's such an intensity to the MDNA tour whereas I did feel myself checking my watch, so to speak, at certain points during Rebel Heart (the DVD I mean; I don't think I would ever get bored watching any Madonna show if I was there in person).
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  15. MDNA Tour was a burst of energy from the start to the very end, RHT was more warm and intimate in a way it had more heart but it did have some weak points:

    MDNA Hightlights:
    • GGW intro and the whole first act
    • EY/BTW + GMAYL was iconic
    • JML to Love Spent
    • Celebration
    Weak points:
    • Hung Up could’ve been better or replaced
    • I’m a sinner was a choice but Cyberraga added some points
  16. Hung Up just needed more of the ABBA sample. The song doesn't work that well without it. But the visuals were top notch.
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  17. Rebel Heart Tour:

    • A lot of 80s classics
    • Pole dancing
    Weak spots:
    • Iconic entrance was not that iconic
    • BIM was ok
    • LIB the same as always
    • LDLHA, Lucky Star, WTG cut from the track list
    • Lackluster final act: UB was too long, Holiday was meh, Music was held back.
  18. I’d go as far as saying the sampler saved the song for me. Hearing the demo quite made me believe so.
  19. Confessions is kind of like that in general. It's an amazing album but it very much does rely on the production.
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  20. First tour I loved and could fully embrace 'Like a Virgin' tbh. She was so energetic!!

    I went to both tours, both slayed for different reasons
    But Rebel Heart was a better experience for me, as a fan
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