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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Spanish Eyes really does feel like a lost Madonna Classic but at the same time it's hard to imagine the Like A Prayer era going differently
  2. That rotten, mouldy artwork.
  3. And the video would have slapped.
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  4. Till Death Do Us apart is an all-time top 5 Madonna album track.
  5. If you spliced together GHV2s “2,000 times our goddess served looks” artwork with the Celebration tracklist (minus Celebration and Revolver and arranged in chronological order) we might have a greatest hits album worthy of Madonna.

    I have a photo of Madonna hawking D&G sunglasses on a billboard in the piazza San Marco somewhere.

    I saw the Who’s That Girl soundtrack on vinyl in HMV yesterday and it was a quasi religious experience.
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  6. The choice of verb nn

  7. Why is this my first time seeing this?

    I'm used to the (literally) 240p version.

    I would live for a (good) AI'd 4K remaster for both this and Die Another Day.
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  8. Why was it even uploaded in only 240p, surely by that time YouTube allowed 480p?
  9. That was the exact thought flowing through my head when I clicked the resolution so I could compare it against the poorly executed 1080p one.
  10. M probably didn’t want to cause YouTube’s servers to overload by showing the video in full 480p+ glory. Ugh, queen of preserving the world’s internet bandwidth.

    I’m ready for an HD version.
  11. They will update that one eventually as well. I wish they'd get on with these digital EPs and remasters, though... weren't they sitting on 3 EPs or something?
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  12. Yes and No.

    I'd have personally traded it for Keep It Together, which I know it's a fan fave but wtv.

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  13. 'Keep It Together' is top 5 on Like A Prayer. 'Spanish Eyes' though should've had it's moment, or at least a video.
  14. I love the slight rasp/voice break on the chorus of Spanish Eyes.
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  15. It's one of the rawest vocals in her career, I love it. And Pat said most of them were first takes.
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  16. When the Something to Remember compilation was released, I was praying for a Spanish Eyes video after she did one for Love Don’t Live Here Anymore.
  17. Same, I want to feel what Paul Oakenfold felt, when the Queen deigned to speak in his general direction.
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  18. I love that too. Her vocals are gorgeous throughout the whole album.
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  19. So bizarre when 1080 HD music video uploads were being introduced around that time.
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