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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Currently losing my mind and any credibility I had to this brilliantly loopy remix of True Blue:
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  2. Lola change her password NOW

  3. Maybe already posted, but just came across this mix..

  4. Can’t stop serving

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  5. I would love her to collab with Little Nas X....for the video alone.
  6. Anyone know where I can watch In Bed With Madonna in the UK? Stream/buy digitally or is it only available on dvd here? I see Amazon US it but not in the uk??
  7. Buy a region free DVD player and you can watch any DVD regardless of region.
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  8. Wait, it’s not on any platform to stream even though it’s the 30th Anniversary and there’s recent articles celebrating it? Only Madonna.
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  9. M is busy and perched on a stool with a hay hat in some closed up room
    Hopefully thinking of finally creating an album with blues / jazz influences
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  10. MGM own the rights to it in the UK so it's likely sitting in a To Do list for whoever is in charge of transferring MGM content onto Amazon Prime.
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  11. Music is personally one of her best albums and eras (that subversive americana cowboy aesthetic is iconic). I remember it had a pretty lukewarm showing the rate from a few years ago but did surprisingly really well last year, so I hope that means more fans are warming up to it. It's such a warm and weird record, and the perfect fusion of the polar opposite sensibilities of Ray Of Light and American Life. That's a trilogy okay?
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  12. Cyber cowgirl was such a masterstroke for the album imagery, especially considering everyone was doing futuristic everything back in the year 2000 but Madonna based it around one of the most grounded and earthy American aesthetics imaginable. I know everyone said the looks became a bit costume-y by the time Hard Candy came around but back then it was still electrifying to see what she would come up with. Really, no one will ever do it like her.
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  13. So many of these photos would make fantastic album art.
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  14. Amazing pictures! Her Instagram has improved so much since Ricardo Gomes became in charge of the photography. I can’t wait to see what he does with the Madame X film.
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  15. Why do I see
    in there.
    *can't unthink*
    Her Golden era is upon us
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  16. The pink flamingo shot looks straight up David LaChapelle, I live.
  17. They need to do something together again
  18. RJF


    I have my windows open and... someone in my neighbourhood is playing "Cherish".

    This woman haunts my life.
  19. I heard True Blue in a Baskin Robbins last week.

  20. Omg no way a Free Woman remix? Little Monsters rise up
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