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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Imagine fucking up so bad that Madonna has to get your anachronistic ass together.
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  2. Living for the comments "stream the Blessed Madonna remix instead!"
    I'm so proud of Madonna for stepping up and not holding back, again.
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  3. Prince is #1 and Madonna is #10 with True Blue on the Aussie itunes album charts. Nature is healing.
  4. Oh wow that 10 minute version of Open Your Heart just gave me 10 minutes of joy in a completely terrible day. What a stunner.
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  5. My expanded version, weekend sorted:

    Papa Don't Preach
    Open Your Heart
    White Heat
    Live to Tell
    Where's the Party
    True Blue
    La Isla Bonita
    Jimmy Jimmy
    Love Makes the World Go Round
    Who's That Girl
    Causing a Commotion
    The Look of Love
    Can't Stop
    Spotlight (Single Edit)

    Papa Don't Preach (Extended Remix)
    True Blue (The Color Mix)
    Open Your Heart (Extended Remix)
    La Isla Bonita (Extended Remix)
    Who's That Girl (Extended Remix)
    Causing a Commotion (Silver Screen Mix)
    Spotlight (You Can Dance Extended Mix Unmixed)
    Where's the Party (You Can Dance Extended Remix Unmixed)
    Causing a Commotion (Movie House Mix)
    Live to Tell (7" Edit)
    Papa Don't Preach (Edit)
    True Blue (Remix/Edit)
    Open Your Heart (7" Remix)
    La Isla Bonita (7" Remix)
    Causing a Commotion (Silver Screen Single Mix)
    Where's the Party (Remix Single Edit)
    Open Your Heart (Dub)
    Who's That Girl (Dub)
    Causing a Commotion (Dub)
    Spotlight (Dub)
    Where's the Party (Dub)
    Live to Tell (Instrumental)
    True Blue (Instrumental)
    La Isla Bonita (Instrumental)
    Open Your Heart (Video Version)
    Causing a Commotion (Movie House Edit)
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  6. "True Blue (Instrumental)"

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  7. No 'Papa don't preach' (video version with extended outro)?

  8. You could say that about lots of 80s instrumentals. That's what makes them so great, all the added extras you didn't know you needed!
  9. Shep Pettibone must have worn out the button on his sampler for that "Hey!" from True Blue after using it in his remixes for True Blue, Causing a Commotion, Keep It Together and Rescue Me. And probably more I've forgotten.
  10. The Virgin era was absolutely huge- the fact she was able to top that with the next era, with genuinely better material and an even greater selling album, pretty much solidified her legendary status.
  11. It's just everything.
  12. Who is doing the artwork for these digital release? Both Like A Prayer and now True Blue have been below par. It’s like someone’s gone onto coverlandia and stolen the first thing they’ve seen.

    This is considerably better than the Like A Prayer one I admit.
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  13. I don't mind the True Blue 35 artwork, but yes, has a job to ever rival the original ICONIC artwork.
  14. They definitely should have put this up with the album like they did with Supernatural for Like a Prayer. It was the b-side to two singles after all.
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  15. I feel this should rightfully be tagged onto the debut album since those are the sessions the song came from. I get it was a b-side during the True Blue era, but still, it makes more sense attached to the first album.
    Hopefully that's the reason it's not included, and not because they forgot it exists.
  16. It appears that Who's That Girl may actually wind up being the title after all...this is like the third time she's used it as a hashtag in reference to the biopic right?

    She really said "I will AVENGE Miss Nikki Finn"
  17. The amount of Facetune Ricardo/M use sometimes is giving Cindy Sherman’s IG, and it just makes me stan harder.
  18. Bren-dad Ickson and Dan Kennedy could take some tips.
  19. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    even Dionne on his ass. Nice to see her respond to Madonna directly too.
  20. Imagine being dragged by Madonna, Whitney's aunt, Elton John and Dua Lipa. I'm waiting for Cher.
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