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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Love all the Madame X bonus tracks. I remember bursting into tears out of nowhere listening to "Funana" while on a road trip in 2019 dd
  2. Funana makes me oddly emotional too.
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  3. Thanks SO much! X
  4. Crave should have been the lead. Don't @ me.
  5. Pop justice for me as it’s one of my highlights on Madame X, but how is Faz Gostoso sitting at 12M+ views on YouTube and in her top streams on Spotify? That sounds massive for an album track. Even if it wasn’t pushed as a single, it’s nice to see it seems to have got some success.
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  6. Brazil.
  7. I played Faz Gostoso to a few "Isn't Madonna just old and boring now?" gen. Z gays at a Pride afterparty back in June and now they're fellow stans. The power of this bop!
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  8. I'll never forgive Anitta for ignoring Madonna's repeat attempts at getting a video made
  9. Wasn’t Anitta all for it and Madonna was half-jokingly looking for sponsors in interviews?
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  10. dd probably, I just remember M making 42534 posts throughout 2019 (and maybe even into 2020) directly @'ing her about it
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  11. Anitta said she was busy or something, which is why M was constantly talking about how she was waiting for her
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  12. Go to 3:27 and see just how serious she was. She literally stopped the interview. lol.
  13. Anitta probably tried giving her liver to fund this tbh. Don't think she would let the opportunity go away. There were some rumors that she tried to get the biggest beverage company to actually fund it dd. Too bad it didn't work out.

    I love Madame X so much. Highkey excited for the Tour release in 2 months.
  14. Faz Gostoso is such an iconic song for me. I still have flashbacks of it playing in many parties here in Brazil that would never usually play a Madonna song.
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  15. I understand that it is probably just fiscally responsible to not sink your own money into a video where there will be no payoff, but it is kind of funny to see one of the richest women in the history of the world ask for money to film a music video.
  16. It always makes me laugh when artists like M come up with this. There are so many indie artists funding their careers with their day time job money and then there are these multimillionaires who can't film a mv without a sponsor.
  17. We had great videos from the Madame X album, an iPhone video for Faz (probably my least fav song on the album with Loca)? No thank you. Yes Madonna is rich but she’s not stupid.
  18. Faz Gostoso, while catchy, was just a straight-on cover. It had nothing on Crave and God Control.
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  19. To be fair, it's also a cover in a total different language which she studied and did... a great job. And it's a fun, upbeat song, with a nice "smaller" artist and for sure stacked some streams. A single is supposed to sell the record and the artist out there. Could have been an easy hit in some places. Bringing Anitta and Blaya together for a single mix would have been killer as well.

    Edit: I just listened to the original version and it's not even the same lyrics dd. They mainly re-used the hook and went full titanium with the beat. I hate the new samba\soccer break tho.

    But, in general, yeah, I wouldn't change anything with Madame X campaign. If only it was a full visual album. We still got many amazing videos, something that didn't look like her priority since... 2004 or so.
  20. Future became a holiday smash with a few of my friends and turned them back onto Madge
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