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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Love the caption ha
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  2. This kills the gay.
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  3. From what I know this is legit.
  4. the complete and total serve of this:

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  5. That dress looks familiar. Hasn’t she worn it before?
  6. She always recycles outfits haha.

    Thrifty queen of saving her coins for Frida Kahlo paintings and The Weeknd's mansion.
  7. It’s so mad that still in 2021 people have the nerve to tell women to “age gracefully” - what does that even mean?! If you want women to “act accordingly” then tell old white men rockstars to do the same. I don’t wanna hear Tom Jones sing about Sex Bombs or whatever if we’re going to be puritans about it.

    Madonna looks FIRE right now. She’s always done her own thing and never paid attention to the naysayers. It’s so sad (but not surprising) that a good chunk of the hate is coming from the gay community because certain gays think being catty, shady and downright rude is a personality trait. Sigh.

    Madonna will always be THAT girl. Sucks for you if you can’t handle it.

  8. Yes in Italy
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  9. Mother said NO to fast fashion and I love that.
  10. Wasn't there an item in a gossip rag ages ago that Madonna used coupons at a supermarket or something ? I can believe it.
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  11. LTG


    Mum to anyone calling her out:

  12. Scooter Braun? Swifties found unstanning
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  13. Julia Garner has been serving 1990 Madonna realness ever since the rumours about her possible casting first started, and honestly, she makes it work.
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  14. Don’t most celebrities re wear clothes in their private lives? They only make sure to have a new outfit when it’s an awards show, the Met Gala or some other major event where it’s highly photographed.
  15. These usually get returned the next morning.
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  16. Honestly, the only celebrities that I know for sure rewear their clothes are Britney and Cher, because they’re often seen out in some iconic staple pieces.
  17. Not all celebrities are followed everywhere they go so no one sees what they are wearing in their private time.
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