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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Lourdes and Paris Jackson having the ability to nepotism their way to any career in entertainment they could want and choosing instead to just vibe and do a photoshoot maybe once a year… queen shit
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  2. Paris just released an album and has appeared in quite a few tv shows and movies. She is appearing in American Horror Stories. So she does way more than vibe and doing a photoshoot once a year.
    Having a famous parent may give you a break, but it doesn’t guarantee success in the entertainment business.
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  4. I don’t think they were being entirely serious. The general point being that both of them could easily be way bigger than they are, and they seemingly choose not to and remain low key.
  5. Could they? Just because your parent is successful doesn’t mean you will be. People don’t buy your work based on who you parents are. Is the media really that interested in children of famous people?
  6. Uh, yeah? The industry props up influencers without famous parents constantly, just for having a decent following on TikTok, so imagine having Michael Jackson or Madonna as your parent.
  7. LTG


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  8. Yes, but is that movie going to be a huge box office success? If your parents are in the entertainment business you can get a foot in the door, like a recording contract or a role in a movie, but it doesn’t mean you will sell millions of records or become a huge movie star.
  9. Nobody is talking about being successful. You’re missing the point. Lola and Paris could easily be a regular conversation and yet they aren’t by their own choice. It’s that simple. Nobody is out here diminishing what they are doing – you’re making what was a lighthearted comment into something way more serious when it wasn’t that deep.
  10. What is the point? Paris Jackson did release an album although it wasn’t hugely successful. She didn’t just do a photo shoot.
    You said Paris and Lourdes could be bigger than they are, which I took to mean as them being successful in the entertainment business.
  11. What does prop up mean? Do they have huge hits or major movie or TVs roles? The average person can’t name a Tik Tok influencer although they make money.

    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    I will never forgive this industry for trying to shove Max Minghella down our collective throats back in the mid-2000s. Nepotism needs to NOT.

    I say this, but then I LIVE for everything Lola does.
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  13. Are you willfully obtuse?
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  14. "Lourdes Leon says Madonna has 'controlled me my whole life'" An actual headline I just saw. Ugh, these trash tabloids.
  15. Over the last ten or so years I've seen this strange...desire, almost, from certain people for Madonna to be Mommie Dearest 2.0 or something and it turns my stomach - lots of "imagine the tell-all Lourdes will write someday" type shit. Some people really can't fathom that she might actually be an even decent mother or human being period, apparently
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  16. Watching the Confessions tour for the first time and, um, damn!
  17. RJF


  18. No, I don’t know because I pay no attention to those influencers. I follow singers and actors/actresses. That is success in the entertainment business to me, but then I’m older. I regret saying anything. Wish I hadn’t responded.
  19. I thought I was finished feeling gay shame, but teebs I can’t believe I’ve never watched. Guess I was waiting for the 4K upscale! Her 2005-out-for-cocktails blouse for the Live to Tell/Isaac section is so incongruent I’m obsessed!
    Edit: not the practical leather jacket!
  20. Is something wrong with Max? He’s hot.
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