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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Why are wealthy people always so cheap nn
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  3. She usually works within whatever budget is available for any given project and her money is her money. This doesn't excuse people not being paid, but it's nothing new that her mentality is "we're all in this together as starving artists" since that's probably genuinely how she sees it. Her Facetune retoucher ain't getting a cent of her millions.
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  4. Her comment about "non-artistic people" is still killing me because of how ridiculously over-the-top it is. Serving

    You just need one of those NON-CREATIVE PEOPLE to GET. ON. YOUR. NERVES
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  5. The funny thing is the crew that worked on this shoot (which was about, like, 5 people total) are already her day to day staff so they’re already being paid to begin with. It’s just her playing up the whole starving artists bit. She got herself dragged for no reason.
  6. Yeah her 'omg look what amazing stuff I did with no money' backfired majorly.
  7. Her last post being a nipple-fest yet she censoring it in only 1 (one) picture got me screaming tbh.
  8. She said “we gotta come up with something quick!” so people stop dragging her for the other post
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  9. Unfortunately in the publishing industry it’s very common to have unpaid interns. They are often college students who are given college credit. I worked for free for a magazine in college. It’s often the only way you can get experience to break into a lot of creative fields and the entertainment business.
  10. She's meme-trending all over again from the bedroom photoshoot and got Piers tweeting again in disgust. Relevant queen I guess.
  11. I liked the bedroom shoot just fine when I saw her post before, but knowing that it pissed Piers off (again)? We stan, 11/10, hang it in the Louvre, etc.
  12. The last picture is great but it does remind me of the Wicked Witch of the East when the house fell on her in Wizard of Oz.
  13. I love the Insta photoshoots but now I need some accompanying new music.
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  14. It’s so weird how Piers is always commenting. Like does he really not see how sad he looks?
  15. Diablo Cody escaped but she'll truly never let Ricardo leave!
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  16. Well, Ricardo is blessed to be her prisoner because he’s not a good photographer at all.
  17. And if I remember right, this is all because she...turned him down for an interview like 15 years ago? What kind of deranged Elton John energy
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  18. More likely 25.
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  19. What’s wrong with his photography? He is the best thing that happened to her Instagram!
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