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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Pat probably calls guest artists rent-a-rappers and his fav genre is pure pop.
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  2. Oh well I'm pretty sure he still doesn't listen to rap. He's perfectly entitled to love what he loves and not have to enjoy every genre of music of course, no matter how many others do. And no doubt he has also moderated his opinions and statements over the years. He'd probably even find it faintly amusing to think that random nobodies on the internet would dig up old comments, when most people have moved on.
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  3. Bedtime Stories is criminally and continually underrated. The retrospective appreciation Erotica had really should have continued on, because it’s such a beautiful yin/yang companion piece. I’m all for more of the same.
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  4. Bedtime Stories, is in my own top 3 Madonna albums following True Blue and Erotica. It's got such a vibe about it.
  5. Love that she's getting her life to her own remixes

  6. And one of her best ever remixes at that, the TASTE
  7. Wasn’t he recently praising FKA Twigs?I mean...
  8. 100%
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  9. I just came across the brilliant song that was sampled during the Candy Shop performance on the MDNA tour....actally couldn't figure out how I knew it until I looked it up on Who Sampled...

  10. Research for the remix compilation!
  11. It's a forum gays joke.
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  12. I wish she'd performed Physical Attraction with this instead. The sample was so good but Candy Shop should stay in 2008.
  13. LTG


    No. It was sorely missed on the Madame X tour.
  14. I'm not it's biggest fan but 'Physical Attraction' would've fit perfectly alongside the Hard Candy material, it's a shame that first album hasn't been performed more.
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  15. Agreed, I’m sure Hard Candy was pinned with her Debut album upon release. Or maybe that was Confessions.
  16. Yeah I think it was Hard Candy that was designed to be a callback to her debut and also great for her to workout to.
  17. Confessions, Hard Candy, and MDNA were all marketed by her label as being a “return to her dance roots”, which I always found funny, because how does that work? Dd. But, yeah, it was Hard Candy from its inception that was constructed as being a direct tribute to her debut era.
  18. 20YO and Control fanbait teas.
  19. Can you imagine "Candy Shop (feat the the Batukadeiras Orchestra"? Chills.
  20. An absolute BOP this song!
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