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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Her character in the Papa Don't Preach video is inspired by Jean Seberg in Breathless! The short hair and the striped and graphic t-shirts.
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  2. Yes I knew that! Didn't realise it was her favourite film though. I did my dissertation on that film so it's very dear to me.
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  3. I wish they had mic'ed her up because I can barely hear her. I always enjoy listening to her thought process.
  4. Yeah the audio wasn't great but man she's so much fun ! She's a blast ever since she started drinking rose wine haha.

    The Joan Didion tribute was nice and cool to hear she's such a big Paul Thomas Anderson fan.

    I've said it a million times but she has such a youthful spirit - just hearing her speak you'd never guess she was in her 60s.

    Edit - also how gorgeous does she look in the video

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  5. Documentary series called “My Name Is Madonna” on Netflix with her just telling her life story with unseen footage please I don’t care how similar it sounds to Janet dd.
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  6. The problem with that is she has already done two documentaries and given many interviews.
    I would prefer an autobiography and it could be adapted into a film at a later date.
  7. What It Feels Like for a Girl is actually a great title
  8. The fact she plays dumb when they mentioned "Who's That Girl" was already a film. Nikki Finn is iconic Madge.
  9. One of her best looks too! Love 86/87 era/style.
  10. Kinda obsessed with her just casually admitting she's not straight. Queen.
  11. SIS!

  12. I don’t want a biopic, even if it is written by Madonna. Blame it on Innocence Lost but I can’t suspend disbelief long enough to accept anyone else as Madonna. The cognitive dissonance is real. Also (tough love incoming) every title that’s been touted by the fans is horrible.

    Just give me an autobiography and a 20 part documentary series and I’m good.
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  13. Yes, that may be your view as a hard core fan, but a biopic would appeal more to a general audience and reintroduce her to the public who may have lost track of her. They aren’t going to be as picky about the actress playing her, and are unlikely to watch a 20 part documentary.
  14. I hope she makes it as general public friendly as possible. That means the movie title should either be one of her more well known songs (Nobody Knows Me is a deep cut and sounds defensive to boot), Blond Ambition or simply Madonna. It also means the movie should really focus only on a part of her career. She sounds determined to cover practically up to the present, but most biopics don't span a whole career.
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  15. I think she should just call it Queen of Pop.
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  16. Why does the actress have to do her own singing? Couldn’t she just lip sync to the original recordings with Madonna’s vocals? Even if someone is a good singer, they aren’t going to sound anything like Madonna who has a unique instantly recognizable voice that people associate with her songs.
  17. [​IMG]

  18. I still think Live To Tell or Blonde Ambition are the best titles for the biopic.
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