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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Oh my fucking God. I just realised I read that before as "how is Madonna anything like that?". In which case I am in total agreement with you.

    I'm sorry, CherryFlavouredPop. I need glasses.
  2. Well atleast it might shine a light on the fact that Madonna was the first one to use religious stuff in her work before Gaga copied her (re: when Katy slammed Gaga for being blasphemous).
  3. Katy Perry can suck a big fat clit.
  4. Having decided to sink a bit of spare cash into Merch etc, I had a look at her webstore, and LORD the thing is empty.

    Guess all of my money will have to go to Robyn and Gaga's amazing stores.
  5. I really could write a good thousand words on the ridiculousness of what Katy Perry said, how she really knows nothing about being a class A/clean-cut popstar with no flaws or faults, and the actual history of Madonna's relationship with spirituality. I would also love to shut every fucker up in the world who moans about the blasphemy of singing while on a glittering crucifix.

    But I've just come back from a long exam-filled day, so I'll save it for a time when the thought of Katy Perry's tits ejecting whipped cream doesn't make me want to vomit on my laptop.
  6. That was the original title of 'I Kissed a Girl', you know.
  7. If any complainer would actually watch Madonna's performance on the cross they might actually understand the significance of that imagery in the song and especially by the end be brought to tears and shut up already,
  8. A+
  9. Someday everyone shall realise that Katy Perry is a massive dickhead. I hope. And no, having two good songs does not justify it.
  10. I just don't think she'll ever be able to shift that distinct whiff of 'amateur'.
  11. Reasons why the Re-Invention Tour was absolutely incredible, although nowhere near as good as Confessions or even Sticky & Sweet, but still fucking amazing and not to be forgotten #34432

  12. Post Of The Year (thus far)
  13. Will the full Reinvention Tour DVD ever get released, or is it just wishful thinking?
  14. I highly doubt it.

    You can get the official re-invention DVD from some madonna fan sites, it's watchable but nowhere near what it should have been. I believe it was a screener of some sorts. One of the fans, "Fighter" on a madonna board did a remaster of it that is somewhat improved. I think it's around 7 gb iso file
  15. Katy is a massive Madonna fan. Just to clear the air she had this to say on her Twitter.

  16. This woman is amazing. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE GaGa, Bee, Brit and RiRi, but in the end, I always come back to Madonna and realize that she's the ultimate popstar. I was watching The Confessions Tour yesterday and I was blown away - she really is perfect.

    Also, I'm falling in love with Hung Up all over again. It could be released tomorrow and it wouldn't sound dated at all, gotta thank Stuart Price for that.
  17. I just remembered the Madonna I loved by clicking on her Nobody Knows Me Re-Invention performance - making an album track become so iconic and looking like a warrior, so many favourite moments, I like it best when she sort of absent-mindedly flicks her hand at the audience as she struts on the gigantic treadmill. Nobody else can do that.
  18. EURGH. What a performance. I love it when she slides her hands across her shoulders and points to the other side, I think its when she sings "Someone to admire".
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