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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.


    *sips tea, and turns caps lock off*
  2. Your love for her is cute!
  3. JadeFan

    JadeFan Guest

    I can't wait to fall in love with Madonna again. I can feel it coming after my Britney / Girls Aloud mood is over.
  4. Over the holidays I really got into the DVDs I had of Madonna.  And I adore the Confessions Tour.  Just simply perfection for me from beginning to end.  I love love her intro in the disco ball and the Future Lovers/I Feel Love combo and the theatrical nature of it. with the equestrian theme.  And I love Let It Will Be remix with Madonna and her jerky movements and  throwing herself all over the runway.  I, too, love other popstars but I always come back to Madonna, too.
    The arrangements of all the songs was really spectacular, and Madonna was beautiful.

    Let It Will Be Confessions Tour -
  5. Thanks. Great performance and great arrangement musically.
  6. I love that remix and it was a great performance. She really puts her all into every performance.

    0:25 - 0:29...oh my!
  7. What can I say? I love my bitch, I love my bitch (need to go and play some Busta).
  8. LJB


    No one can really touch her as a popstar. She's one of those people, kinda like Brit, who isn't really that remarkably talented at anything but just has the IT factor by the fucking bucket loads. And yes... still. She could do without the desperation though - it kinda makes her seem a bit insecure.
  9. Sorry, but comparing her to Britney doesnt make sense. Britney is a puppet who has little to no input into her own career - she gets by on personality alone thesedays. Madonna is a far superior singer as well as an amazing dancer who knocks ten shades of shit out of people half her age. She has a five star business brain which has sold her brand for a few decades now. Her albums have MADONNA all over them - they sound like Madonna and nobody else, with the exception of Hard Candy and even then it was her first real slip of her career iMO.

    So yes, they dont compare.
  10. The album where I think she is "missing" the most is "Bedtime Stories"..she's barely there.

    I can hear her draping herself all over Hard Candy, and the albums structure is so similar to "Confessions"..dancey/fun at the beginning, moving to more spiritual/ preachy towards the end...
  11. slimane

    slimane Guest

    There's no ever point comparing Madonna to other female artists. She is unique both as a person and as a performer. Come to think of it...there's no point comparing Madonna to anyone else male or female because she's so special. I definately see her as more of a "male" personality type though.
  12. Funny that. I think I feel the same!

    No matter who else I get temporarily obsessed with I always always will come back to Madonna - but then life would be completely insane if I was just obsessing over her every day (like when I was 13...)

    This time last year I was so obsessed with gaga I forgot who Madonna was! But this year I have already been really getting back into M - getting Blonde Ambition on DVD helped..

    Confessions Tour DVD is just simply flawless.
  13. Er... because she's strong?
  14. No mean feat in itself, that.
  15. Is this supposed to be a joke? And I'm not talking about the Britney part.
  16. Because she is independent, ambitious and extremely intelligent music and business wise, which are characteristics not often associated with women. Which is why people constantly criticise her and she is viewed as a pioneering female pop star.
  17. Which is incredibly sexist and and an opinion I really did not expect to read on here. Jesus. There's nothing 'male' about being independent, ambitious and extremely intelligent music and business wise, whatsoever.
  18. Jumping to conclusions much? I am actually a mild feminist...

    I was saying that people don't regard these as feminine characteristics, I did not agree with that view. I admire Madonna because she had the bravery to confront gender stereotypes and taboos. Women were expected to be told what to do and do it, Madonna through music and videos etc broke through the misogyny of the patriarchal music industry and society in general in the 80s and 90s.
  19. Madonna has always at times embraced the male characteristics of her personality and used them in her art.

    All good points of what she's accomplished.
  20. Great points. I love me some Brit-Brit pop, but she has never taken a strong direction in her career. She is a puppet in many instances. And the girl, save in the beginning, can't sing live anymore and never had the dance skills Madonna had, who was a dancer in the beginning of her career. Plus, she never changes her look. Madonna evolved musically and always incorporated new looks in her next tour or album covers, etc..
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