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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Top 5 is probably some combination of Music, Ray Of Light, Bedtime Stories, Like A Prayer and...probably either True Blue or Erotica, even though I'm a Hard Candy defender.

    Not sure how I'd rank the rest except that MDNA is the undisputed holder of the wooden spoon.
  2. Music is such a beautiful transition between the light and airy Ray of Light to the harsh and noisy American Life, it really takes the best from both worlds.

  3. Music is an 8 but loses points for me because of tracks 2, 3 and 5 being the same okay song.
    The rest? Peak M and all absolute classics. She does electro chill so we’ll.
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  4. for me, everything from 1989-2005 is pure art. Madame X being a return to form.
    Like A Prayer / Erotica / Bedtime Stories / Ray Of Light / Music / American Life / Confessions On A Dance Floor / ........ Madame X

    but my top 5 in no particular order would be Like A Prayer / Bedtime Stories / Ray Of Light / American Life / Madame X
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  5. From my ranking with averages for every song that I did in quarantine two years ago.

    Ray of Light
    Madame X
    Confessions on a Dance Floor
  6. American Life
    Hard Candy
    Bedtime Stories
    True Blue

    Rebel Heart hovers just beneath.
  7. All albums in my ranking can float around depending on my mood, but my top 5 is relatively dead-set as:

    Ray of Light
    American Life
    Like a Prayer
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  8. I think Hard Candy is very underrated. I don't love Incredible particularly, She's Not Me could have done with cutting down from an unnecessary six minutes and the less said about Spanish Lesson the better, but apart from that it's a very solid album.
  9. And Mer Girl!
  10. “She’s Not Me” being 6 minutes is part of why it’s so great, though.
  11. All-timers:
    Like a Prayer,
    Ray of Light.

    Madame X,
    American Life.

    Brilliant, but not quite top-tier:
    Confessions on a Dance Floor,
    Bedtime Stories,
    True Blue.

    Great albums, not great Madonna albums:
    Rebel Heart,
    Like a Virgin.

    OK albums, bad Madonna albums:
    Hard Candy.
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  13. Talk about seminal!
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  14. All T.
  15. Ray of Light - To Have and Not to Hold / Frozen / Nothing Really Matters
    Antifa Life - Easy Ride / Nothing Charts / Die Another Day
    True Blue - Live to Tell / Open Your Heart / Where's the Party La Isla Bonita
    Bible Stories - Secret / Take a Bow / Human Nature
    Confessions - Get Together / Future Lovers / Isaac
  16. 'Love Makes The World Go Round' just knocks it out my top 5.
  17. I'm gonna go favorite deep cuts from my top five.

    Ray Of Light: Sky Fits Heaven, Has To Be (this belongs), Candy Perfume Girl
    Erotica: Waiting, Thief Of Hearts, Secret Garden
    Confessions: Future Lovers, Isaac, Forbidden Love
    Bedtime Stories: Don't Stop, Sanctuary, Inside Of Me
    American Life: X-Static Process, Intervention, Easy Ride
  18. Music probably holds her best single run because they really picked the right songs. Like I’m not a fan of the title track but you can see it bops and twists and soars. It’s still unique to this day. Then you have Don’t Tell Me (smash and classic) and What It Feels Like For a Girl (classic). Thank God they stopped before Amazing or Impressive Instant.

    Then we have some amazing album tracks like I Deserve It and Paradise. But nothing that feels missed opportunity at all.

    I guess American Life also nailed some of these AcousticVsElectro songs with the plus of some of her best lyrics. People might find it “overdoing” and a little more boring, but it’s just a serious and timeless affair for me. Mother and Father? Intervention? Xstatic Process? Nothing Fails? Easy Ride? Nobody Knows Me? These are all classics
  19. Ray of Light: Mer Girl, Sky Fits Heaven, Skin
    American Life: Easy Ride, Intervention, Nobody Knows Me
    Music: Paradise (Not for Me), Impressive Instant, Gone
    Erotica: Secret Garden, Where Life Begins, Thief of Hearts
    Madonna: Think of Me, Physical Attraction, I Know It*

    *I Know It kinda ends up on here by default considering the debut is like 85% singles ddd but I do like it!
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