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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. My copy has the same mispress. I have no idea if it’s rare (or of value). I was a bit peeved really.
  2. Is she by any chance referencing Can’t Stop??
  3. I guess but it’s that she feels almost unnecessary in these remixes
  4. The Confessions Tour was the highpoint in this woman's career. The way she creates such drama out of something so minor as an eye movement at 0:39 seconds.

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  5. I get this. However, the engagement with these Frozen remixes and the promised 50 1s Remix project (which is way more exciting) suggest an engagement with her legacy that feels fitting but also still about making something new and novel rather than merely resting on her laurels. It’s very her to want to back these Frozen mixes rather than put out a remastered edition of Ray of Light, yknow? Whether we like it or not.
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  6. Timeless jam.
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  7. Just came here to say the segue from Sanctuary into Bedtime Story is everything.
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  8. I went for drinks in the gay village yesterday and I put Girl Gone Wild on the jukebox to my own embarrassment, and everyone in bar was loving it.
  9. The drugs were good that night.
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  10. I once queued Impressive Instant at a v gay house party and it turned out id actually queued Amazing and the crowd went...limp. GGW is always a guaranteed cig butt mover.
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  11. I hope the biopic is good. If it is, a GP reappraisal of her could be on the cards, after several years of slightly cringe behaviour being met with general malaise.

    She is a living legend after all.
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  12. Will they release another Frozen remix with Swae Lee?
  13. I have friends that outright don’t like Madonna’s music. At all. Insane. Yet these are the people that take exception to enjoying songs like Celebration (Benny Benassi remix) , Revolver (David Guetta), Girl Gone Wild. One of my closest friends actually went as far to say Revolver was one of her BEST songs. It seems the more faceless the songs the more they enjoyed them. They also regard Marina’s Love + Fear as her best album. So you get the idea.
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  14. Get new friends. No really, their taste is awful...
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  15. The only people I know that don’t like Madonna’s music are those that don’t like pop music, who are rock purists or only listen to jazz and classical.
  16. I don’t know if it’s still the case but like 10 years ago there were those smug ciggy’s who thought they were amazing because they openly despised Madonna and trash her music whenever played, but loved Gaga and Beyoncé.
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  17. And to them I always wanted to be like, “…do you know what this woman did for you?”
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  18. The only gays I know who don’t like Madonna’s music are gays that haven’t actually bothered to listen to her past Material Girl and/or 4 Minutes.
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  19. Not even Hung up. 4 Minutes.
  20. Not that we need ANOTHER version of that damn Frozen remix, but I did make an edit with the rest of the verses from the original:

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