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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Social media has done all of us very dirty. I can't imagine what it's like for everyday women on the likes of Instagram, never mind a woman who clearly posts her own content potentially viewing thousands of vile comments on a daily basis. She's only 'uman.
  2. I thought the Meddelin performance was good actually, the song's still a smash, love the chemistry they both have.
    Music, on the other hand, was hard to watch, she just seemed very tired, unfocused and even maybe in pain?
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  3. The performance isn’t great but ok overall. The styling is the worst. Really that’s embarrassing. On the bright side I will forget about this real soon.
  4. Now I’m being a nitpicky bitch but she sang the opening line of Medellin incorrectly as well. With that said she did better with her backing track that most others who performed last night, but when you could hear her she sounded quite unpleasant. Bless everyone saying she sounded good. I know stadiums are tough so I understand the difficulty but let’s be real.
  5. She seemed like she might have been in pain indeed, as she leaned on Maluma quite a bit. No idea why they felt the need to make her dance through all of it when there's many other ways to make a performance memorable.
  6. I thought the performance was okay? Of course nowhere near her best but as usual people are doing the most when it comes to Madonna. The comments I’ve seen on Twitter are absolutely hideous and I hope she doesn’t see any of them.
  7. Medellin was awesome but Music scared me a little bit and I watched it through my fingers. I would never judge her, I’m just happy to be seeing her dance AT ALL after all the PT she went through, but I can’t stand the thought of her disappointing herself tbh…she seemed disoriented to a different degree than I think I’ve ever seen her on stage?
  8. Honestly, the performance was fine, she sounded good, had fun, and that knee surgery was clearly a success.

    The only “problem” here is the styling. Mama desperately needs to hire a new stylist.
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  9. The thing is that he styling on Instagram is SO MUCH BETTER than when she goes to an event in flesh.
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  10. Mama is still flexible!
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  11. We're afterglowing today. I honestly am not sure I'm going to bother with concerts anymore. The logistics are a fucking nightmare but holy shit was it worth all of it -- including being stuck in the corner of an exit row where half the fucking stadium and the oversaturation of junk food and aguardiente vendors were contorting themselves around my fat ass all night.

    Rewatching the videos and seeing the clips in this thread, I get what y'all are saying, I do, but both Medellín and Music are going into my long-term memories folder that I'll always cherish. The fact that I got to share it with my mom, the OG Madonna stan in my life who taught me well (and who, according to my dad, also made me gay) makes it all the more special.

    And Maluma is even hotter in person. He's so, so, so hot, guys.
  12. The whole surprise appearance was worth for this alone.
  13. So happy for you! What an amazing moment.

    Medellin will always make me think of sunny days in Berlin, walking the city, and just feeling free. Seeing it performed again after the intervening years was emotional.
  14. I’m just catching up on this and I haven’t had a chance to watch this yet but I will do later, I’m a bit nervous, MadonnaNation very much feels like an anti-Madonna forum now, I think it’s time to stop visiting.
  15. Medellin looked fine/fun to me from the videos. I'm opting not to watch Music.

    The styling was weird - I don't think the oversized thing works for her... it kinda of makes her look like a doll where the clothes are all a little too big for it to look realistic? I don't know. I know this kind of cyber-street-matrix-chick thing is her current bag, but the floatiness of the Madame X outfits looked both comfortable and chic by comparison.
  16. She should've just arrived on a throne and whipped Maluma as he danced around her.
  17. Madonna Infinity is the same.
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  18. The constant speculation about her alleged "substance use" is annoying in general (because as far as I'm aware, most of it is literally speculative), but especially because so much of it reads like it's coming from a place of embarrassment and derision rather than actual compassion
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