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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. I wish You Can Dance, was getting an remaster too of it's very own.
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  2. Probably yes, now words on bonus tracks yet. It will depend on the space on the discs.
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  3. Heeeey, still here! Still too bad that I was a little too late with my Bitch I'm Madonna artwork, otherwise that might have been the single cover.. Oh well... Would love to work with/for her!
  4. Does anyone else here actually like the deluxe artwork? I much prefer it to the other one!
  5. I miss Dress You Up (well and Gambler).
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  6. I prefer the deluxe. The standard is a little predictable
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  7. The deluxe is very “pop”, I prefer the banner they used on the store without the single covers behind her and Diaz is not the greatest. But it’s better than some of the stuff he did in the past. It works because it’s very GHV2/Celebration.
    The standard cover is more Madonna though, at least more Madonna 2022.
    It’s a win win situation for me, she got the cover she wanted and Warner did the same.
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  8. The deluxe box set is old out on both her stores. Still available on DIG in the UK and the Rhino shop in the US though.
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  9. Looking at the close-up product shots and apparently Warner Records downgraded from an Inc. to an LLC? I dunno whether that was a design error or if it was intentional. Also, speaking of design errors, the red sticker on the standard cover has some negative space before "#1's Remixed". I can assume it probably said "50 #1's Remixed" before Warner/Madonna decided to choose it for the downgraded standard version, and if that's the case, why didn't the designer(s) just bother to align the text properly?

    Sorry if I sound a bit nitpicky there/
  10. I think it’s just his style, there’s negative space in this one too 564D0919-9EE8-43C1-ACAC-E7D2FD001F00.jpeg
  11. I still can't believe that Into The Groove didn't have any remixes, especially a 12" version, back when it was originally released.
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  12. His style:

  13. I appreciate that she likes to commission fan art but some of them are just inaesthetic and cheapen the final product. The Madonna & Basquiat stuff is an improvement, though. Oh, the days of Giovanni and M/M Paris...

    I used to really enjoy the work of this guy named Lukau13 - he had a Blogger site named MyMadonnaArt and a lot of his stuff was very nicely retouched and 'professional' looking, anyone remembers him? The blog is partially defunct these days, unfortunately. But he's one of the reasons I also got into graphic design in the first place and I used to love seeing him 'remix' her official art direction.

    Some few examples I could still find...
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  14. That deluxe cover is a graphic design nightmare. Can't believe it was approved. The standard isn't deeply inspired, but at least it looks like someone knew what they were doing.

  15. I like the tracklists and I like both album covers. That is my contribution.
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  16. This would have been such a great through line.
  17. Sorry but these are even worse than the usual bad stuff of Aldo Diaz.
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  18. I'm still intrigued to know why Honey Dijon was at the studio with Madonna and Mike Dean, helping pick the best remixes and running order?
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  19. Absolute guess here, but I think they had some meetings either to kickstart or to catch-up on the status of the project.

    I think Honey Dijon was probably enlisted to pick the best remixes of each one of the 50 songs and sort the tracklist (which, as the press release implies, seems to have been later tinkered by Madonna herself to showcase her underground clubby roots with those You Can Dance edits)
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