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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Bring back the innocent days of just... having good skin.
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  2. The MDNA Skin ads were so fun dd
  3. I just can not NOT think of that ! ^^ Sends me eveytime.

  4. Obsessed with these new visuals

  5. All I could think when I was watching this is how much more captivating it is with the real Madonna in the video.
  6. It’s giving Arca’s Kick series. Shame about the NFT tie in.
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  7. Honestly can’t get over how many things she’s juggling this year.
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  8. Damn, now I'm gonna have to go and watch them all again.
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  9. She’s live on Twitter, always so articulate and passionate!
    She also just cried talking about the war.
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  10. Her crying caught me so off guard. I could listen to her talk for hours, even if it is in relation to NFTs.
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  11. The things she said about Congo…her knowledge and passion for the world never ceases to impress and move me
  12. Me too, I was a little bit shocked.
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  13. It pains me so much that this is tied to NFTs because she seems so at ease, articulate, and fired up about the project in this conversation/glorified conference call. I like that she even brought up her frustration that people will automatically focus more on the nude aspect than anything else or read it as sexual, because guess what, it's already started!

    Basically I hope she brings this energy to the next album. It feels very necessary, especially right now.
  14. Yeah the New York Post (of course, like old times) has a nasty article about it, even calling it porn. The comments on their site are even worse, but what online comment sections aren't toxic cesspools.
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  15. So Narada Michael Walden posted on his Instagram that he had met with Madonna after her first album and they discussed the possibility of collaborating on her second album, but she ended up working with Nile Rodgers, of course. He said she was delightful. For some reason, even as a lifelong Madonna fan, I didn't know this. I'm now imagining what Madonna/Narada bops would sound like...

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  16. It’s so funny how some of her fans give her shit for the whole r&b thing when she was in it since the very beginning.
    Anyway, another picture from the Narada meeting:
  17. Ooh what an interesting what if scenario. Ultimately I think Nile was the right choice as his sound is more timeless and he is more versatile as a producer but Narada ended up giving us all those Whitney bops so everyone won in the end!
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  18. Very this! She seems to be a bit more bombastic visually and artistically of late, so I hope that translates into whatever sound she goes with next.
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  19. NFTs are anathema to me but at least she's doing this for a good cause (even though they're using her name/brand to give NFTs more legitimacy).
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