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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. She's on TikTok live and talking about Sickick doing mixes for "Music" and "Vogue". It's a little awkward because both sides are lagging and end up talking over each other, but it's chill!

    Edit: And now she's saying she wants to work on original music with him.
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  2. Did we know she was performing at Pride this year in New York?
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  3. The algorithm finally got her ! How embarrassing.
  4. Someone recorded the Tik Tok!

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  5. We didn’t. Prepare for the meltdown!
  6. Dear lord, out of all the talent out there in the world... Not an entire album with him, right?! Regardless if it's original material or remixes...
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  7. At this point I’ve just switched off from all this Sickick stuff.
    Wake me when it’s all over.
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  8. Oh dear
  9. Calm down, she will forget about him by the time she will be ready for a new album.
  10. Yeah, I don’t think she was entirely serious (although I don’t think she was entirely not serious dd). I wouldn’t mind a couple mixes of other songs, though. He does have some bops. She’s kind of breaking an artist through, which is cool

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  11. ...that hoodie and Gucci rucksack
  12. It reminds me of something like Evita. It doesn't have that Madonna vibe music wise.
    Lyrics are great.
  13. What a lovely little interview!
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  14. Finally Enough Love: but no love for Causing a Commotion, 50 number ones but not really, on August 19, 2022.

  15. I love how she brags about Frozen because she's usually so modest about her actual music.
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  16. I think it very much sounds like a Madonna ballad. Her ballads often have a kind of classical and cinematic sound to them. More so than many pop artists. Everything from the melody to the overall vibe screams Madonna to me.

    It definitely shouldn't have been a single over Ghosttown though. Ghosttown is much more single friendly, a pop ballad through and through. But I love the song and I agree that it has great lyrics. Yes, she stole a lyric from I'm A Sinner, but it's a nice phrase and it fits Messiah better.
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  17. Messiah was in no way single material and doesn't quite reach the majesty that its title suggests, but it's nice. The chorus gets stuck in my head a lot.
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